Month: October 2013

Yet another perk: Perka acquired by First Data for an estimated $30 million or so

If you frequent Portland coffee shops—well honestly, like some 90 establishments coffee or otherwise in the Portland area—you’ve no doubt come across Perka, the service designed to replace the loyalty punch cards in your wallet with something far more manageable: an app. Read More

Run the race you want to run: Athletepath lands nearly $1 million in additional funding

One of the things I’ve always appreciated about the startup scene is that there are any number of paths to success. It’s all about having an objective in mind. And running the race you want to run. And Portland’s Athletepath has been doing just that. Read More

Spooky results: Instrument helps Google with some Easter, err… Halloween Eggs in search results

You’ve got to love those folks at Instrument. They’re always working on something wackily creative. Today, they unveiled a new project with Google which provides extra special search results for Halloween themed monster searches. Read More

{Future} Talks: New Relic launches a new series of Portland tech talks designed to inspire

While there are a ton of good meet ups in town, there is always room for a few more. Especially when they have the potential to pull in thought provoking speakers from outside of town—or those hidden gems in town about whom we’re not aware. Such is the case with a new line of talks sponsored by New Relic entitled {Future} Talks. Read More

Interested in raising capital in Silicon Valley? True Ventures will be in Portland to provide some tips

A few years back, we lucky to have a handful of hardworking Portland startups raising the profile of the startup scene around here, drawing in capital from the Bay Area and elsewhere. One of those early investors who realized the potential around here was True Ventures. Now those startups and True are sharing some tips and tricks. Read More

You deserve a premium profile. Vizify is here to help.

What’s the best way to monetize your startup offering? Build something for which people are willing to pay. And that’s just where Vizify is going. Today, they released some awesome new features that make it drop dead simple to set up a personal Web site. And those features come with a price tag. Read More

Veterans' day: VetsInTech Portland aims to get more northwest local vets involved in technology

We need more development talent. It’s a common cry among the startup and tech scene, here and everywhere else. And because of that there are any number of creative solutions attacking this problem. One of the more promising pursuits is the effort to get our veterans more engaged in the tech scene, VetsInTech. Read More

Field notes from the most diverse tech conference on the planet

[Editor: This kicks off a series of on-going guest posts from Katherine Krajnak, who works on Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Portland Development Commission.]

“If you’re building a social tech company and you aren’t paying attention to Black women, you’re stupid.” Read More

After further analysis: Portland's Measureful retools offering to focus on marketing folks

Portland Seed Fund and Upstart Labs alum Measureful has taken a dose of their own medicine. After carefully analyzing where their product was getting traction in the market, they’ve retooled their offering to focus their efforts on marketing and agency types. And it’s paying off. VentureBeat just called them the “Flipboard of data.” Read More

Angel central: Bend launches Cascade Angels to invest in Central Oregon startups

It’s been nice to see the entrepreneurial spirit of Oregonians taking root in other towns. And where startups emerge, capital is wont to follow. Portland has been home to OEN’s Angel Oregon. Eugene has the Willamette Angel Conference. The Columbia Gorge has Gorge Bootcamp. Even Roseburg has its own group of angels. And now Bend—already home to things like the Bend Venture Conference—has upped the ante with the launch of Cascade Angels. Read More

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