Month: May 2014

You've been invited to hang out at the White House this weekend. Sort of: National Day of Civic Hacking Portland

The weather may be nice this weekend. But quite honestly, you’ve got a higher calling. It’s the National Day of Civic Hacking, a day when a bunch of different communities band together to use their hacking powers for good. And being the type of hacker town it is, Portland has its own gathering. Read More

Hey, that's my bike: Portland startup Project 529 partners with local bike shops on bike registration

It’s no secret that we here in Portland love our bikes. From allowing for more biking commuters to creating the bikes themselves to crafting the accessories inspired by the biking culture we’re a town of biking. So it should come as little surprise that that’s inspiring tech startups, as well. Read More

Ad vantage: MetaFilter's unvarnished look at online advertising is a wake up call for startups chasing ad revenue

It’s such a common refrain, that it’s become a running joke in startup circles. “How are you going to make money?” “We’re going to sell ads.” But happy flukes like Flappy Bird aside, the golden age of Web properties continuing to make viable revenues off ad networks is rapidly coming to an end. And no story describes this trajectory more clearly than Oregon-based Matt Haughey‘s recent write up on his project, MetaFilter. Read More

Looking for a bit of a challenge? Startup PDX Challenge applications are now open

Never let it be said that Portland doesn’t support it’s early stage startups. Portland Seed Fund is in full swing. PIE is sifting through applications. The TiE Pearl Incubator is pushing its startups along. It’s like the entire town is all spring and new growth and whatnot. And now, you have the chance to participate in another program to help your startup, the Startup PDX Challenge. Read More

Meet locally, win globally: Social media focused SoMe Awards expands program to include SoMe Forum

Now in its sixth year, the SoMe Awards—one of the premier events recognizing social media efforts—has expanded its Portland-based event to include both a little education and a little entertainment for the social media minded. The 2014 SoMe Awards includes the SoMe Forum, an afternoon of discussions with social media thought leaders. Read More

Been there, done that: Benefit from a wealth of experience at OEN's Entrepreneurial Summit

Whether you’re thinking about starting your own company or you’re currently riding the roller coaster of the startup world, it’s always good to hear from other founders who have been there and done that. Especially when you can get feedback from a broad range of folks. And that’s what I love most about OEN’s Entrepreneurial Summit. Read More

Senator Ron Wyden and Alexis Ohanian hold Reddit AMA on Net Neutrality today

Senator Ron Wyden has been a staunch proponent of an open Internet, often rising to meet censorship and throttling concerns head-on. With Net Neutrality in a lurch, he’s once again voicing his opinions and working to ensure the Internet remains open. What’s different this time, though, is that he wants to chat with you about it. Read More