Month: June 2014

Double happy hour happiness: Portland Beer 2.0 and Happy Data Hour

Portland is never at a loss for a happy hour or two. But there are a couple of happy hours happening in the near future that I thought might be of particular interest to you. Because, well, beer. That’s free. And a bunch of awesome tech people with whom to chat while you’re enjoying said beverage. Read More

Putting a name with a face: Remember

I am horrible with names. It’s a fault that I’m always working to fix. Because it generally hurts people’s feelings and makes me look like an ass. And I’ve got more than enough other ways to look like an ass. So I’ll take any little bit of help I can get. That’s why I was super interested to muck around with Colby Aley‘s latest project, Remember. Read More

Want Portland to have Google Fiber? Show your support at the City Council meeting, June 11

We’ve been drooling over the possibility of Google Fiber in Portland for quite some time. And that dream is getting closer and closer to reality. But it still has a few hurdles to go. Or rivers to cross. Or something. So if you’re interested in showing your support for the project, you might want to show up at Portland City Hall on Wednesday, June 11. Read More

But I read it on the Internet…

Last Friday morning, I woke up to a flood of emails, tweets, and text messages asking, basically, what the heck I was trying to pull with my fake news story. More than a little confused, I started digging around. What I found was both interesting and disconcerting. Read More

Big data meets government: New Relic FutureTalk with Chris Rieth

There’s been a ton of discussion about “big data” from a corporate perspective. But how does it figure in with some of the biggest big datasets of all? New Relic is exploring that question in their next FutureTalk with Chris Reith of Socrata. Read More

Bring a little startup swagger to Pedalpalooza: Startup Swag Ride

Pedalpalooza is almost upon us. And we know Portland loves bikes. But Portland also loves startups. So it only makes sense that Portland would love startups on bikes. That’s why the Startup Swag Ride taking place Saturday, June 14, during Pedalpalooza sounds like an awesome Portlandy idea. Read More

#buy: Chirpify acquires Measureful

Portland’s Chirpify—one of the leading companies working to make social media more transactional through their #actiontags concept—has been busy transacting a deal of its own. They’ve acquired local startup Measureful, a startup focused on helping folks tell better stories around their Web traffic data. Read More

Navigating the high Cs: Puppet Labs, Elemental, and Urban Airship have all recently secured senior CFO talent

It’s always interesting to watch startups attract and secure senior talent. And when three of them secure CFOs in rapid succession, things are even more interesting. Which is exactly what’s happening around Portland these days where financial officers seem to be a hot commodity for startups. Read More

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