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Clipbook is like Delicious for images

So you’ve figured out how to save Web links, tweets, videos, and other fleeting bits media that come flying across your browser day in and day out. But you’re still a bit stuck on how best to save the amazing images that you encounter via Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, and the like?

Well, not any more. Now, there’s Clipbook. Read More

Meet the Startup: Talking about startups and legal services with AterWynne

Building a startup means building a business. And that means making sure you’ve dotted all of your “i”s and crossed all of your “t”s as far as legal goes.

But where to start? Well, a good legal adviser can be key. And to give you some pointers, the folks at AterWynne sat down with Meet the Startup to discuss engaging with a legal team. Read More

AppFog Platform as a Service (PaaS) delivery model now as clear as day

When Portland startup PHP Fog announced that they were becoming AppFog, the obvious first question was “What are they going to begin supporting beyond PHP?”

Well, today, we got our answer. AppFog is going provide a whole lot more than push button application deployment. Read More

CPUsage chats with The Next Web

I don’t know about you, but I like the startup interviews. Hearing from startup types about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it not only helps clarify what they’re pursuing but it gives you a more comprehensive view of the people behind the startups. Read More

Looking to share your knowledge about Portland? Look no further than the PortlandWiki

Everyday there are new awesome things happening in Portland. Things that matter to people in Portland. Things that change and form the very core of what Portland is. But how can anyone keep track of all this amazing information about our fair city?

Well, that’s why we have PortlandWiki. Read More

Banking on Portland: BankSimple consolidates its offices in the Rose City

It wasn’t so long ago that Alex Payne moved to Portland. And co-founded a new startup that wasn’t anywhere near Portland. That startup was BankSimple.

As time went on, Alex helped the BankSimple office in Portland grow, made some interesting local hires, and continued to work as the company landed more funding for its cause—reinventing the consumer experience with banks. Read More

Meet the Startup: Galaxy Sailor Productions

It’s always interesting to step outside the realm of tech startups to chat with entrepreneurs pursuing other creative interests. But part of what makes it so interesting is that every startup and startup industry seem to encounter the exact same issues.

Take Martin Vavra of Galaxy Sailor and the startup world of the independent filmmaker. Spend a few minutes with Martin and get a feel for what it takes to get a film made. Read More

Urban Airship appoints CFO as it crosses the 5 billion push notification mark

While funding starting to flow is a good sign of startup activity in the Portland area, so is the traction some of these companies are beginning to show with their customer bases.

Take for example Urban Airship, which today announced it has served more than five billion push notifications. A staggering number, especially considering they hit 1 billion less than a year ago. Read More

Does your venture need a little more capital? OEN Venture Northwest 2011 may be the answer

While stories of Portland and Oregon startups landing funding are becoming more and more common these days, there are still any number of local startups who are still looking for ways to break into the realm of venture funding.

And one of the best ways to make those connections with local investors? Getting in front of the crowd at OEN Venture Northwest. Read More

Meet the Startup: Cooking up a different kind of startup with KitchenCru

While Meet the Startup tends to focus on the Portland tech scene, we’re interested in all kinds of startups—and the people who help them.

That’s why we took the time to catch up with KitchenCru, a kitchen incubator that helps those entrepreneurs in the food world get off the ground. Read More

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