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If you’re looking for a new gig, it’s Elemental, dear Watson: 10 open jobs at Portland startup Elemental Technologies

If you’re looking for a job with an up-and-coming Portland startup, Elemental Technologies is a really good place to start your search.

The company—which is working to revolutionize video streaming—is also doing a whole ton of hiring. I mean, they’ve got 10 positions open on the Silicon Florist job board, alone. Read More

Build locally, help nationally: SweetSpot helps Veterans Affairs track blood glucose readings remotely

(If I had been at the top of my game, I would have covered this on Veterans’ Day. But I’m covering it now—albeit a tad tardy.)

One of the reasons I started Silicon Florist was to help highlight amazing Portland startups and the interesting things they’re doing. Because there are some awesome companies here. Who don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

One of those startups is SweetSpot Diabetes, who was recently awarded a grant from the Veterans Affairs to help the organization remotely monitor blood glucose levels of its patients. Read More

Oregon Angel Fund invests in local mobile: Meridian lands $1 million in seed funding

It’s not often you see local money investing in local tech. It’s even more rare that local money decides to bet on mobile tech.

That’s why I’m incredibly pleased to share that the Oregon Angel Fund and the Bellingham Angels Group have decided to invest $1 million in Meridian, a Portland company that helps you find your way around large venues using your mobile device. Read More

Poo-tee-weet! Portland podcasting purveyor publicizes purchase of prized podcasting platform, Cascadia.fm

Saturday is usually a slow news day in the Portland startup scene. Usually. But today was different. There was big news. Of another acquisition. But this time, it’s someone else acquiring a Portland company.

That’s right. Today, Robert Wagner announced that Cascadia.fm (nee pdx.fm) has been sold to an unnamed buyer from southern California. Read More

And for our next trick… Urban Airship secures $15.1 million, led by Salesforce and Verizon

A lot can happen in two years. And for Urban Airship, it’s been quite a ride. The company—which started with two of its cofounders taking advantage of a little known unemployment benefit that helps folks work on startups—has now grown to more than 50 people with the SimpleGeo acquistion. And now, they’ve got more than $20 million in funding.

What’s that? You didn’t hear about the most recent funding? Well, read away. Urban Airship secured $15.1 million in Series C, led by Salesforce.com and Verizon. Read More

Marshall Kirkpatrick isn’t just writing about startups anymore, he’s building one

There’s an interesting push and pull between the world of startups and the media covering those startups. Sometimes, members of the media get pulled into the world of funding. Sometimes, successful entrepreneurs get involved in the media. And sometimes, the pull of the startup scene proves too strong and members of the media jump into their own startup dreams headlong.

Such is the case for Portland’s Marshall Kirkpatrick who—after passionately covering the startup scene for both ReadWriteWeb and TechCrunch—has now decided to enter the fray with his own startup. Read More

Think your YouTube video rivals Mad Men or 30 Rock? Well, your soundtrack can, at least. Thanks to Rumblefish.

If there’s one Portland startup that’s quietly having a substantial impact on the music scene, it’s Rumblefish. You might not hear much about them. But when you do, it’s usually something big.

Today is no different. You see, Rumblefish has just signed a deal with APM Music, a joint venture of EMI Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing, the world’s largest production music library. That means, your YouTube video can have the same soundtrack as Hollywood productions. Read More

TiE Oregon and Melvin Mark start up a startup incubator in Hillsboro

There used to be a time when Portland didn’t have much of a support system for the startups here in town. But that’s starting to change.

The latest endeavor is a new startup incubator in Hillsboro, backed by TiE Oregon and Melvin Mark. Sound interesting? They’re opening the new space to the public on Thursday evening. Read More