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Filling in some more details on PIE

[Editor: Renny Gleeson, who created the initial concept for PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment) as well as the vision for its latest iteration, provides a guest post today. His hope is that it clarifies details and answers questions that have been raised about the program.]

While we’ve been building PIE, some questions and answers that have cropped up in one-to-one conversations seemed worthwhile to share with a broader audience. Read More

Looking for licensed music? Portland’s Rumblefish has an API — and more than 4 million licensed tracks in the wild

Portland has always received recognition for its independent and somewhat underground music scene. So it’s no surprise that its music startups take a similar tact.

CD Baby, for example, is largest online distributor of independent music. They’re here in Portland.

Didn’t realize that? Well, here’s another surprise. Portland music startup Rumblefish is making some noise in the music industry, as well. In fact, they’ve just celebrated more than four million downloads of their licensed music—and now there’s an API to make using their tunes even easier. Read More

Take a stake in STAKE, a better business magazine for better business

It’s nice to see a renaissance of sorts in the coverage of business here in the Portland area. For so long, it was a few publications covering the tech scene and the business world. Now, we’ve got publications taking a new perspective on the Portland scene and others preparing to launch.

And if a few folks decide to back it in the next week or so, we could have another one in the mix. A full fledged business magazine that takes a new approach to assessing business: STAKE. Read More

With Clouds now available on PHP Fog the forecast looks bright

So you’ve been enamored of PHP Fog‘s push-button simplicity for all of your PHP applications, WordPress installs, and whatnot. But you’ve really been waiting for them to have a more cloudy environment.

Well, wait no longer, gentle reader. PHP Fog now offers you the ability to manage your own Clouds on their platform allowing you to run apps for as little as $2 per month. Read More

Thank you, Portland

I don’t say it often enough. And I’m sorry. So thank you.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for sharing your stories. And your opinions. Thank you for taking an interest in what’s happening in Portland. Thank you for your criticism. And thank you for your praise.

Silicon Florist is almost four years old. And sometimes I forget how amazing those four years have been. Read More

Meet the Startup: A conversation with Portland Mayor Sam Adams (Part 1)

Every day the City of Portland is hustling to make the business environment here more hospitable to those people who are looking to live and work here. And trying to make it a great place for startups. In that way, Portland is a bit of a startup itself. Trying to build something new—and reinventing the way it does things—to speak to a new target market. Read More

Five reasons your startup won’t be getting into that incubator or accelerator

New models for accelerators and incubators are becoming the cornerstone of the early stage startup. And it’s not just juggernauts like Y Combinator, TechStars, and 500 Startups. There are any number of incubators popping up all over the place.

But what’s it take to get into one of these things? And even more importantly, what are the red flags that are going to prevent you from making it into these programs? Read More

Wheeling and Dell-ing: Portland startup RNA Networks acquired by Dell

Now granted, I don’t usually cover traditional software and tech hardware… but a startup acquisition is a startup acquisition, no matter what kind of technology. And especially when that acquisition is a liquidity event for Oregon-based capital like the Oregon Angel Fund.

So, I’m happy to let you know that Portland-based RNA Networks has been acquired by Dell. Read More

Whether you’re interested in Y Combinator or not, startups should watch this Paul Graham interview

Pay attention startups. You should be making something that makes people’s lives better. It’s that easy. Want big valuations? Want venture capital? That’s all it takes.

Don’t believe me? Well don’t believe me. Believe the guy who said it, Paul Graham, the tech entrepreneur behind a little incubator you might have heard about called Y Combinator. Read More

Meet the Startup: Hearing from Sheetal Dube of AudioName

There are any number of companies that are classified as “startups.” But this one has to be the youngest, most starting up startup with whom we’ve had the chance to speak. It’s like brand spanking new. And stuff.

Meet Sheetal Dube of AudioName, a company founded during Startup Weekend Portland in April of this year. That’s right. Only a few months old. And going full bore at making a go of it. Read More

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