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You have homework this weekend: Figure out your Portland Startup Week 2018 schedule

I get it. No. Seriously. I do. We all understand that the “P” in “Portland” stands for “procrastination.” It’s cool. But there comes a time when procrastination turns into actually having to do something. And that time is nigh. Because Portland Startup Week starts in a matter of hours. I know right? Kinda snuck up on us.

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Now it's even easier for landlords and tenants to get Cozy. Because it's free.

When you’ve got a great product, it’s often difficult to figure out ways to make it more compelling to users. But there’s one sure fire way to get more people on board: make it free. And that’s just what Portland startup Cozy has been able to do. Read More

Free is a very good price: Startup PDX: Challenge offers free rent and more to selected startups … but you have to hurry

When you’re trying to build a startup, every dollar counts. So what if you could land some cool office space and free services for your company? That would be huge, right? Well, you can if you’re selected for Startup PDX: Challenge. Read More

Bizzy tonight? There’s a free beer in it for you

If you’re looking to launch in Portland, free beer is always a surefire winner.

That’s why the folks from Bizzy are hosting a little get together tonight. All you have to do is show up at Bailey’s Tap Room with the Bizzy app on your phone, and you’ll be quaffing a free brew with Bizzy and your friends. Read More

Bloggers helping bloggers over beers… free beer that is

Beer and Blog, the Friday afternoon gathering that has become an institution in the Portland tech scene, started very simply. As bloggers helping bloggers over beers.

Now, those bloggers will be helping other bloggers over FREE beers, thanks to The Oregonian News Network. Read More

Want to be Bolder? There’s free liquid courage at Beer and Blog tonight

It’s no secret that I’ve got a bit of a crush on Boulder. I mean, it’s an awesome town, with an amazing startup scene, and… What’s that? Oh. BOLDER. Jeez. I’m sorry. I got all excited when I thought you said “Boulder.”

Let me start over. Who don’t like Beer and Blog? And who don’t like a free beer at Beer and Blog? That’s right. Nobody. That’s why I wanted to make sure that you knew that Bolder—from the Bay Area, not Boulder—will be purchasing you a few libations this afternoon at Beer and Blog. Read More

Searching for a free beer in Portland? Google Hotpot can help you find one at Beer and Blog, this Friday

This Friday, Google Hotpot have one recommendation that few Portland people will be able to dismiss: visit Beer and Blog at the Green Dragon for a free beer.

In a town like Portland, where we’re a little spoiled with a selection of brewpubs and restaurants, making decisions can be difficult. Reliable recommendations—especially from people you trust—can be the key to figuring out where you want to go.

Google Hotpot, a new service that helps provide those recommendations, is being currently going through a little test drive—right here in Portland. And this Friday, the Google Hotpot folks have a recommendation that few people will be able to ignore: visit Beer and Blog at the Green Dragon for a free beer. Read More

Emma? This is the Portland tech community. Portland tech community? Meet Emma… and her free beer

And one of those email loving companies is now officially opening its Portland office. Meet Emma. The Portland edition.

Do you like email? I know right? Who doesn’t? Well, some people love it. Love love love it. They love it so much that they like to help other folks send email. So that more people can have more email. What’s more, they like to make it pretty and straightforward and (gasp!) useful. No. It’s true.

And one of those email loving companies is now officially opening its Portland office. Meet Emma. The Portland edition. Read More

Portland iPhone hacker bat signal: Free pizza, free beer, and a little Janrain iPhone Hackfest tonight

Like free pizza? Like free beer? Interested in doing a little iPhone testing and hacking on some distributed identity and credentials sort of stuff?

Well, file this under better late than never, but I just found out that Janrain is hosting an iPhone Hackfest tonight from 6-9 at Janrain’s downtown Portland office. Read More

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for September 2010: Beers with BankSimple beats OSCON, Urban Airship more popular than free beer

Yes, let’s that right. It’s time for the latest round of monthly navel gazing. Where we look back at we what read and the popular stories get more popular.

What did September 2010 bring? A scuffle and a free beer or two. Let’s take a look at the most popular posts on Silicon Florist last month, as determined by Web and RSS traffic. Read More

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