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There is another, Skywalker…. Well, and another Techtown Portland video featuring Portland startups and tech companies

[UPDATE] The new Techtown Portland video has been released. [/UPDATE] Remember 18 months ago when a bunch of Portland startups joined forces to create the Techtown Portland video? You know, the one that highlighted a few of the amazing startups in town? Well, turns out, there are even more awesome startups here than that video could handle. So they’re releasing a sequel. And you’re invited to the premiere. Read More

Explore the Mortality of Design during Design Week Portland

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: the lines which once divided the worlds of design and technology are at best gray. In reality, they’re nonexistent. Which is why Design Week Portland—the amazing week long series of design events that graces the city every year—is as important an event for tech folks as it is designers. Read More

Identifying more young tech talent: Announcing ChickTech: High School Tech Show 2014

ChickTech: High School—a yearlong program encouraging high school girls to get involved in the technology industry through hands-on events, mentoring, and internships—is kicking off this year’s series of events on March 1st and 2nd. We’ll have 100 girls, most of whom have never had the opportunity to create a technology project before, at the PSU engineering building all weekend working on a unique creation! Read More

Field notes from the most diverse tech conference on the planet

[Editor: This kicks off a series of on-going guest posts from Katherine Krajnak, who works on Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Portland Development Commission.]

“If you’re building a social tech company and you aren’t paying attention to Black women, you’re stupid.” Read More

And so it begins: "Eugene Tech" blog and calendar launches to cover the Eugene scene

It’s been awesome watching the Eugene tech scene continuing to gather steam. But I haven’t always done the best job of covering the awesomeness down there from up here in the Rose City. That’s why I’m happy to hear that Eugene is taking matters into its own hands. Introducing Eugene Tech, a blog and calendar cover the Eugene tech scene. Read More

Does Mozilla’s Portland office point the way for a new kind of tech migration?

The conference rooms at Mozilla’s new Portland office are named after local breweries. As I walk through the space, shortly after its opening in late July, I walk past rooms called Deschutes, Blitz-Weinhard and Captured by Porches, before reaching Hair of the Dog. Read More

Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop will be funded. But you'll miss out if you don't act now.

We here in Portland are big fans of music, tech, do-it-yourself craftasticness, and crowdfunding campaigns. We’re also cheap. Um. I mean “frugal.” So what if you could combine all of the above into an awesome event? Get ready to be happy. Meet the Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop. Read More

Portland startup cribs: Tech Town Portland video showcases offices, employees, and culture of 11 tech companies

You know me. I’m a sucker for an awesome video montage. And when it’s a video about Portland and its startups, I can’t help but get a little giddy. That’s why I’m super happy to share the Tech Town Portland piece that was just released, this evening. Read More

Tech curious? Know Your City wants to satiate that curiosity with Keep Portland Wired

You hear me blather on and on about the Portland tech scene. With my rose colored glasses. But do you ever wonder what it’s really like? Well, get ready to be happy. Know Your City is taking you on a tour of the seedy underbelly or the Portland tech scene. With Keep Portland Wired. Read More

Turn around, bright eyes: Businessweek notes Portland tech scene is going gangbusters

Portlanders tend to have a little trouble tooting their own horns. Or hyping what’s happening. Which is fine. It gives me something to do in my spare time. But it’s also nice to see other people doing it for us. Especially when it’s an entity like Businessweek. Read More

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