Month: April 2012

The best gets even better… or Best-er or whatever: MetaFilter launches “Best of MetaFilter”

You may not realize it but Portland—or sort of near Portland—is home to the founder of MetaFilter, arguably the first major blog, ever. So whenever they do something, I take notice. Read More

Sold: RealLead acquired by IDX

Eugene-based startup RealLead, a service that helped provide qualified leads to realtors, has been acquired by IDX, another Eugene-based real estate company.

The big difference between the two? IDX currently manages about $1 trillion worth of active listings. Read More

Cohdoo’s Highlight recognized for best application user interface design by Nielsen Norman Group

Now, you kids might not remember this, but—back the first time we did this who dot com thing—one of the most revered and feared critics around was Jakob Nielsen. It was rare to see anything on his Alertbox blog that garnered favor or kudos for usability. Read More

Chirpify lands $1.3 million in funding … and that’s not even the most interesting part of the story

Granted, I’m more than a little slow. But at least this time I have a good reason.

You’ve probably already seen the news that Portland-based startup Chirpify landed $1.3 million in funding. It’s getting great coverage, all over. But I thought I might take a few minutes to dissect it. Because it’s interesting on any number of levels. Read More

Learning to Drive: Portland startup Revisu among the first products to incorporate Google Drive features

One of the biggest tech stories today is the launch of Google Drive, a storage service akin to Dropbox that allows users to manage Google Docs locally and in the Cloud.

And, as luck would have it, there’s a Portland startup angle to the story. Read More

Meet the Startup: Getting the story on EarthTechling

It’s always nice to highlight companies that are doing amazing things. Especially when they seem to be doing them very quietly.

For example, did you know one of the largest consumer green tech blogs in the world is headquartered right here in Portland? It’s true. Meet EarthTechling. Read More

Want to found a company? Time to find your cofounder with FounderDating

So you’ve got a great idea. But no idea how to develop it. Or you’ve got awesome development chops. But you’re looking for an idea to spark your creativity.

Well, get ready to be happy. Portland could be getting its own chapter of FounderDating. But in order to do so, you have to throw your hat in the ring. Read More

What the heck is going on with wireless? Find out at Mobile Portland, Monday night

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Mobile Portland is the best thing going for the Portland startup community right now. So if you can go, you should.

Tonight, Monday, April 23, they’re talking about what the heck is going on with wireless. Read More

If a Twitter user could tweet a beer, how many beers would a Twitter user tweet?

Remember Tweet-a-Beer? The app—built by tenfour and Waggener Edstrom on the Chirpify platform—allows Twitter users to send a beer to a friend all through the magic of Twitter and PayPal.

And during SXSW, it took off. Now, the folks who built the app are sharing their initial results. Read More

Angela Jackson of Portland Seed Fund addresses the US House of Representatives

It’s always nice seeing Portland take a national stage. And while more often than not, it’s the startups. It’s also nice to see investors and accelerators getting a bit of the limelight, as well.

I’m happy to share Angela Jackson of the Portland Seed Fund and Portland State Business Accelerator (PSBA) addressing the US House of Representatives. Read More

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