Month: April 2012

From Wikipedian to Wiki curious: Attend Portland Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

If you’re like most people, you get an awful lot of value out of Wikipedia. But have you ever wondered what it takes to get more involved in the community of Wikipedians?

Well, whether you’re a regular contributor or just Wiki curious, you’ve got an opportunity to do some hacking this Saturday during the Portland Wikipedia Edit-a-thon. Read More

Tech takes second at OEN’s Angel Oregon: Tellagence garners $94k

Another Angel Oregon—the Oregon Entrepreneur Network’s (OEN) annual competition for Angel investment—has come and gone. And when the dust cleared? One of the few tech companies in the running landed in second place.

That’s right. Tellagence, a tool that helps folks analyze and manage social media, garnered more $94,000 in funding. Pending due diligence, of course. Read More

Like: ShopIgniter, Crowd Factory, Webtrends, and Woobox are now Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers

As the masses salivate over the potential of May 17 IPO, Facebook has beefed up its Preferred Marketing Developer Program, highlighting their anointed marketing partners. And among the 232 chosen? There are four Portland-area companies. ShopIgniter, Crowd Factory (which just yesterday announced their acquisition by Marketo), Webtrends, and Woobox. Read More

One’s a crowd: Portland’s Crowd Factory acquired by Marketo

You may not have heard of Crowd Factory, a Portland startup focused on social media campaign management, but I’m sure you’ve heard of their clients. They’re working with companies like HBO, Coors, Sony, PR Newswire, and Jive.

And with a list of clients like that, it isn’t surprising to report that Crowd Factory has been acquired. Read More

Waxy.org hasn’t just influenced the Internet, it’s put a dent in it. Thanks, Andy Baio.

I’m consistently—and constantly—struck by how incredibly lucky we are here in Portland. Without even realizing it. We’re home to the inventor of the wiki, folks creating the tools that have helped create the Web, and within a stone’s throw of one of the founders of the grandaddy of Weblogs, among other things. Quietly. But here.

And let’s not forget, Portland is home to Andy Baio, whose blog Waxy.org quietly turned a decade old over the weekend. Read More