Month: July 2012

Up in the air: Clent Richardson named to FlightStats board

Former Apple and TiVo exec, Clent Richardson has joined the board of FlightStats, the company announced today. Read More

The Portland Sessions: Capturing amazing musicians playing sets in Portland

Sometimes, it dawns on me—and amazes me—how much technology improves access to creative content we might have missed. Access to musicians is just one obvious example. Read More

Lookin’ good: Vizify reinvents the way you see yourself on the Web

It’s the summer of the big reveal. First Simple starts rolling out debit cards to people who have been patiently waiting and now TechStars and Portland Seed Fund alum Vizify has launched the public version of their eagerly awaited product. Read More

How do you wow your customers? Learn from some of the best

Everyone likes to think they provide good customer service. But, more often than not, it’s rare to encounter a company that really wows you. Read More

Everything old is new again: Shwood shoots latest promo using stereoscopy

You may remember the Shwood folks not only for their awesome wooden eyewear but for their “This is Oregon” piece that captured the beauty of our home state. Well, now they’re back with a new promotional video that uses the latest in cutting edge filming technology. Read More

REMINDER: Mobile Portland focuses on building mobile apps for emerging technology regions, Monday night

More often than not, mobile app development focuses on the newest whiz bang technology for the coolest new handsets. (That’s right. I said “whiz bang.” I’m not afraid.) But what about building apps for people in regions with emerging technology? Read More

What does the Eugene startup scene look like? Silicon Shire shows you

Okay. I thought I had heard almost all of the “Silicon” monikers. But apparently middle Oregon has a great deal in common with Middle Earth. The Eugene startup scene just launched Silicon Shire, and it’s an interesting visualization of what’s happening in the their startup scene. Read More

Our first sequel: Meet the Startup chats with Chirpify

At Meet the Startup, we always try to find new and interesting startups with whom to chat. And every once in a while, those interesting startups are actually a new twist on one we’ve already covered. Such is the case today as we sit down with Chris Teso of Chirpify. Read More

Up on the roof and up in the Clouds: Cloudability hosts talk on the future of the Cloud

You can’t read a tech article today without a mention of “the Cloud.” See? You just read it in this one. But where is the Cloud going? And what should people expect?

Well, Portland’s resident Cloud experts, Cloudability, has gathered a couple more Cloud experts—and TechCrunch—to have a discussion about the Cloud. And you’re invited. Read More

REMINDER: API Hackday PDX 2, this Tuesday at Urban Airship

It seems like only yesterday Portland had its first API Hackday. Now? It’s time for another, starting Tuesday morning. Read More

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