Month: September 2013

Do… or do not. There is no try: Epipheo cofounder's Sincerely Truman advises JJ Abrams on Star Wars

When it comes to compelling videos, Portland’s Jon Collins knows a thing or two. So it only makes sense that his latest venture, Sincerely Truman—a carve out from the company he cofounded, Epipheo—is kicking off with a video providing tips for JJ Abrams as he helms the new Star Wars movies. Read More

New growth forest: Portland startups begin to crack the Silicon Forest 25

It’s starting to happen. Portland startups are gaining national—and international—recognition. The impact of the tech scene is starting to rival the heyday preceding the Silicon Forest when we were more forest than silicon. And now, some of the more mature startups of this generation are beginning to join the ranks of traditional heavyweights in town. Read More

Viva variety: Vizify launches a new way to visualize your Twitter conversations

You’ve got to hand it to those folks over at Vizify. They have a way with visualizations. Especially when it comes to social media. And today, they gave us another way to understand our connections and conversations on Twitter. Read More

Game on: Oregon Film tax credits now apply to video games as well

There’s something interesting happening in Portland around “digital storytelling” that feels very similar to the tech startup scene a decade ago. And it’s gaining momentum. The latest hint is that the Oregon Governor’s Board of Film and Television—or Oregon Film, for short—now has permission to give tax credits to video game and post production houses. Read More

Heavy: Grove expands beyond bamboo covers to release an iPhone charging dock

Just in time for the new iPhone, we’ve got a new dock option. Portland has a thing about those wacky iPhone charging stands. The Elevation Dock attacked the problem to great acclaim. And now Grove—makers of awesome bamboo products for iOS devices—has their take on the best possible iPhone charger stand. Read More

Building a relationship: Chirpify tweaks one-off transactions in social streams into something longer term

I’m always impressed with Chirpify‘s ability to test, assess, and reconfigure their product to pursue opportunities. It started early in the life of the company—then known as Sell Simply—and has continued as they’ve grown more and more intelligent about retail transactions on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Read More

Miss out on XOXO, Portland? You can always OROR

In only its second year, XOXO has already become the quintessential tech event in Portland, drawing a veritable who’s who of interesting tech and maker types to town both as speakers and attendees—while doing a brilliant job of showcasing our awesome town for a broad audience. Read More

Play along: Instrument's awesome Chrome and Google Maps game is now available in the browser

Remember a few months back when we talked about that awesome skydiving at that Instrument had built for Google I/O? That one you couldn’t play? Well, get ready to be happy. You can play Map Dive in the browser now. Well, if it’s Chrome. Read More

Does Mozilla’s Portland office point the way for a new kind of tech migration?

The conference rooms at Mozilla’s new Portland office are named after local breweries. As I walk through the space, shortly after its opening in late July, I walk past rooms called Deschutes, Blitz-Weinhard and Captured by Porches, before reaching Hair of the Dog. Read More

Mobile app testing platform AppThwack inks deal with In-Q-Tel

While any number of startups have claimed to be in “stealth mode,” AppThwack just took it to a whole new level. The Portland startup announced today that they have partnered with In-Q-Tel—the independent nonprofit venture arm for US intelligence organizations. Read More

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