Month: August 2014

$13 million man: Coolest Cooler marks a turning point in Kickstarter history

It kind of struck me when I heard someone talking about it on the radio, this morning. And the DJ didn’t really even mention Portland. And he had to explain what Kickstarter was. But he was highlighting how a project had just surpassed the all-time funding record for Kickstarter. And that it was a cooler. Not any cooler mind you. The Coolest Cooler. Read More

Portland culture club: What cultural aspects make working at AppNexus a unique experience?

[Editor: Given that “finding talent” is at the top of everyone’s collective mind, I thought it might be helpful to give you some insights into the cultures of Portland’s startups and regional offices. So they can show how they’re unique. And you can decide where you want to work. This is going to be a running series. Written by employees. From their perspectives.] Read More

Portland continues its quest to become the regional office capital of the world

Now, we all know the big names who have regional offices here. Well, the big name: Intel, whose campuses in Hillsboro contain the largest group of Intel employees, anywhere. And there’s HP and IBM and Synopsys. But a growing number of startup companies are setting up regional offices here, as well. And it shows no signs of slowing. Read More

Keeping the dream of the 90s alive in Portland: RCRDBOX hearkens back to the music clubs of yesteryear

The box business model. Take a box. Shove some delightful thematically related stuff in it. And send it to subscribers once a month. There are any number of flavors of this sort of thing. But there’s still a ton of opportunity in the market. And Portland’s RCRDBOX is looking to carve out its own little part of that market. Read More

Formalizing your coffee consumption: Portland startups now have their own 1 Million Cups

Like many tech outposts, the Portland startup scene is driven by a great deal of caffeine. Lots and lots of coffee. And meetings. And since that’s the idea that originally inspired the formation of 1 Million Cups, it only makes sense that that idea has finally managed to travel our way. Read More

It's not just genius… SuperGenius and Clackamas Community College continue to collaborate on game developer academy

It’s a common complaint. Folks need talent. But they also need talent that has applicable knowledge—not just a theoretical understanding. In order to gain that type of knowledge, however, they need opportunities to get hands on with technology. Which is what makes programs like SuperGenius Academy so awesome. Read More

The weekend that was: A roundup of coverage from TechFestNW

To be honest, it was kind of a blur. But a number of enterprising and perceptive journalists managed to capture chunks of TechFestNW—the annual tech event run in conjunction with MusicFestNW—highlighting some of the speakers and themes that pervaded the event, this year. I thought it might be helpful to round up some of the posts for you. All convenient like. Read More

Seeing the potential: Vadio lands $2 million, fueling continued growth for its MTV-esque service

Maybe I’m dating myself here, but… MTV used to show music videos. No. I’m serious. Like all of the time. No reality shows. Just videos. Song after song after song. And it was pretty awesome. So forgive me if I get a little nostalgic with Portland startup Vadio, which is bringing that exact same kind of original MTV-esque magic to radio stations. Read More

More than chump change: Portland startup PayRange continues to gain traction with customers and investors

I don’t know if you know this but… word around the campfire is that this whole “payments” thing may be garnering a little bit of traction. So it’s nice to see that a Portland startup working on an interesting solution to the problem is gaining traction as well. Read More