Month: September 2015

Partnership portends Portland startup perks: inDinero and WeWork team up to help early stage companies

What’s better than interesting new startups moving to Portland? When those startups join forces to provide perks that could potentially benefit even more Portland startups, that’s what. Duh. And that’s why I’m psyched to see two recent Portland transplants—inDinero and WeWork—doing just that. Read More

Comparing notes: Who's working on what to help Portland's innovation economy be more inclusive?

One thing I love about Portland: When people get really motivated and passionate about fixing a problem and start going full speed to make something happen. One thing I hate about Portland: Folks who do that usually find themselves in a vacuum, not realizing that they have peers pursuing similar ends. That’s one of the reasons I started Silicon Florist—and any number of other dot connecting projects—in the first place. And it’s why I’m glad to see things like the Inclusive Competitiveness event, this Friday. Read More

*Ding Dong* Who's there? It's your newly reinvigorated fashion sense. Thanks to Dorrbell.

Now if you’ve ever met or seen me, you’re probably like “No. You cannot write about fashion.” But I can. And I will. Because I just ran across a new Portland startup, currently in beta, called Dorrbell. They’re attacking an interesting problem in the clothing market. One that may be one of the worst things about buying clothes: the dressing room. Read More

Rounding the Bend: Momentum continues in Central Oregon

While my primary vantage point has me focused on the Portland startup scene, it’s always nice to check in on other awesome startup scenes in the state of Oregon. I was just in Eugene and Springfield to meet with a bunch of amazing startups at the RAIN accelerator and to hear even more awesome startups pitch during The Big Mix. But in the coming weeks, all eyes will be turning toward Bend. Read More

Better beta-ing: Riviera Build enables mobile developers to beta test apps on both Android and iOS

While many folks dream of having an app in the App Store or Google Play store, rising above the noise means having an app that works—and works well. For that, you have to test it. And get criticism. But getting that feedback can be difficult if you can’t even share the beta version of that app with folks. That’s why Portland’s Riviera Build is working to help ease the beta process for mobile developers. Read More

Building a startup not stressful enough for you? Good. Here are looming accelerator deadlines.

Whether it’s the first time you’ve built a company or the fifth, every early stage founder wants to take every advantage available. And for some folks, accelerators and incubators can be a beneficial means of getting that much needed help in a very concentrated format. But you can’t get in if you don’t apply, so maybe consider these looming accelerator deadlines. Read More

Negative Ghost rider, the pattern is full: Skyward releases first version of air-traffic control for drones

For now, most drone adoption has come from the hobbyist community. But the commercial applications are fairly intuitive—and becoming more of a reality every day. And as more and more commercial drones take flight, the skies could get kind of crowded and difficult to manage. Read More

Changing perspectives: Responsive Field Day brings a bevy of talented designers and technologists to town

There was a time, where folks struggled to design for each and every new format that consumers adopted. A Web layout. A mobile layout. A tablet layout. A Smart TV layout. And on and on and on. But then cooler heads prevailed, and folks figured out ways to make the Web respond to the environment in which it was being displayed. And on Friday, some of those thoughtful folks are going to be sharing their insights during Responsive Field Day. Read More

How to Portland startup scene: A quick guide

I know that this may come as a surprise, but I get a bunch of questions from folks. Like “You’ve been writing about the Portland startup scene for almost a decade. How is it that you’ve never learned how to use the English language?” And “What do you actually do?” And “A beard? Really?” But one question I get more often than any other is “How do I get involved in the Portland startup scene?” Read More