Month: July 2021

Still virtual: Portland Lunch 2.0 is Wednesday and Founders Live Portland is Thursday

While it appears we’re edging ever closer to another lockdown, I remain hopeful that we continue to build and connect community regardless of what the future might hold. So if you’re interested in connecting with folks in the Portland startup community in a virtual environment, there are two events this week designed to do just that.

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Another perspective on the impact of the Absci IPO

In case you were unplugged this week… former Portland startup now Vancouver, Washington, biotech company Absci went public, this week. Having been on an IPO team for a venture funded startup myself, I can attest to what a herculean effort this whole process entails. And how the Absci team deserves all of the accolades for pulling this off.

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OpenSesame garners $50 million in private equity

While the most beneficial paths to liquidity for investors and founders can be the subject of debate, getting a company to the point of a private equity investment has become one of the more common modes of achieving that liquidity, around these parts. Today, another one joined the ranks. OpenSesame announced that they had attracted a $50 million private equity investment from JMI Equity and others.

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