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Think you can manage innovation and entrepreneurship? Business Oregon wants to talk to you

Truth be told, I can’t even spell entrepreneurship. (I used spellcheck for that.) But there are many folks who can. Among them, there are even a few who understand all the ups and downs of the rollercoaster that is starting a business. And among them, are a select few who recognize and understand the potential impact government can have on startup ecosystems. And Business Oregon wants to talk to those folks.

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According to Forbes, Portland is the best place for business and careers, this year

Well, I definitely didn’t see this one coming. But thanks to the constant influx of smart and talented folks to complement all of the smart and talented folks we were already lucky enough to have around these parts, Portland is Forbes best place for business and careers, this year.

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Did you feel that? It's been a momentous run for Oregon business as of late

I don’t want to jinx anything, but… we just experienced a super interesting series of events in Oregon that felt strangely like momentum. I mean, I can’t be sure because momentum hits so rarely around here. But I’m pretty sure it was momentum. Read More

Building a startup focused on business-to-business? Don't miss the chance to chat with 9Mile Labs, a B2B accelerator

Startups these days have a wide variety of choices when it comes to accelerator programs. That’s why I always encourage them to find one that’s focused on the outcomes they’re interested in achieving. And if you’re building a business-to-business focused tech startup in the Pacific Northwest, 9Mile Labs is focused on helping you. Read More

Oregon Business op-ed: Startups drive the new economy

As you well know, I could prattle on and on about the Portland—and Oregon—startup scenes. For hours. And pages. And days. But it’s always nice to take on the challenge of trying to be concise. Because, honestly, I suck at it. But Oregon Business was kind enough to give me a platform to describe why I think their readers should be paying attention to the startup scene. Read More

Why you might want to fly solo: “Lifestyle Business” is not a dirty word (well, two)

A lot of startups follow the path of growing incredibly fast and hiring a lot of people and—hopefully—making a lot of money for a lot of people. More often than not, these are the types of companies that grab the Silicon Florist headlines. And at publications that actually matter.

But Portland is also home to a ton of successful entrepreneurs who have built amazing “lifestyle businesses.” And they don’t often get the attention they deserve. Read More

Oregon-Israel Business Alliance and the Software Association of Oregon want you to meet Jonathan Medved

Part of Portland and Oregon taking on a larger presence in the tech community means engaging with other communities worldwide.

And one community with which we have some interesting connections is the Israeli tech scene. What kind of connections? Well join the Oregon-Israel Business Alliance and the SAO next week to find out. Read More

Take a stake in STAKE, a better business magazine for better business

It’s nice to see a renaissance of sorts in the coverage of business here in the Portland area. For so long, it was a few publications covering the tech scene and the business world. Now, we’ve got publications taking a new perspective on the Portland scene and others preparing to launch.

And if a few folks decide to back it in the next week or so, we could have another one in the mix. A full fledged business magazine that takes a new approach to assessing business: STAKE. Read More

Why an Argentinean serial entrepreneur moved to Portland to run his business

[Editor: Here’s another guest post in the “Why Portland?” series. This time, it’s from Zeke Camusio.]

I grew up and lived the first 23 years of my life in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a beautiful 18-million person city. That was too big for me, so I decided to move to Aspen, Colorado, where I met my wife and we lived for four years. Read More

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