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Portland's Michelle Rowley, founder of Code Scouts, named one of Entrepreneur's "7 Most Powerful Women to Watch in 2014"

While funding news and customer wins are always good to hear, it’s also nice to see some of Portland’s more philanthropic efforts getting the attention they deserve. That’s why it was great to see Entrepreneur Magazine recognizing Portland’s Michelle Rowley as one of “The 7 Most Powerful Women to Watch in 2014.” Read More

Meeting of the startup minds: OEN Entrepreneurial Summit and tradeshow weaves together a rich collection of Oregon entrepreneurs

While everyone has different things they love about Portland, a common complaint is the prevalence of silos here in town. Where insular groups tend to remain in contact with one another—but don’t do a very good job of connecting with other groups. Now, the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) is doing something to fix that. Read More

REMINDER: The Lean Entrepreneur book tour stops by Portland, March 5

The whole “lean” approach to building startups continues to gain momentum. And much like the lean concept advises, the techniques for successfully using the approach are going through a constant iteration. One of the latest takes is The Lean Entrepreneur. Authors Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits will be in town this week to talk about it. Read More

How I became a better entrepreneur by failing my first meeting with a VC

I faced a big challenge on Friday. It was TresPlace’s first formal pitch with an investor. I met with Tom Sperry, Managing Director of Rogue Venture Partners. It was a humbling experience. Read More

What, exactly, is an entrepreneur? Well, it takes one to know one

It seems that these days, practically everyone wants to be part of a startup. Wants to be an entrepreneur. But to be honest. It takes a rare breed. With a good dose of insanity. So what does it take to make that leap? Let’s hear from the folks who have made that jump. Read More

Legislating Oregon’s entrepreneurial future: Oregon Investment Act, House Bill 4040

You might not realize it, but Oregon’s legislature is in the midst of determining the entrepreneurial future of our state, this week. Currently on the floor is Oregon House Bill 4040: The Oregon Investment Act which “Establishes Oregon Growth Fund and Oregon Growth Board to encourage investment in and availability of capital to Oregon businesses and to further economic development in Oregon.”

Problem is that the legislature adjourns on Wednesday. Read More

Boot-y call: Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) lands grant to build startup accelerator “boot camps” statewide

If you’re in the tech scene, you’re well aware of the incubator and accelerator renaissance going on right now. It seems like every day a new organization arises to ensure startups have more resources to move faster and further than they would on their own. But that’s not always happening in your backyard. Read More

Meet the Startup: Getting acquainted with the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN)

Sometimes, Meet the Startup needs to branch out a bit. To talk to the folks who help make Meet the Startup happen. And to chat with the organizations who are helping entrepreneurs.

This is one of those weeks. Take a few moments to get to know Linda Weston from the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) and learn more about their efforts to support Oregon’s startups. Read More

Need help understanding stock and options? Here’s a cheat sheet for entrepreneurs and startup employees

In the world of startups, “stock,” “options,” “equity,” and “liquidity event” are bandied about pretty freely. But given that—as an entrepreneur or an employee at a startup—they greatly affect your livelihood and the value you’ll derive from contributing to a startup, it would probably make sense for you to understand exactly what those terms mean, wouldn’t it?

It would. And that’s why is was nice to find this cheat sheet, An Introduction to Stock & Options for the Tech Entrepreneur or Startup Employee. Read More

Whereas, Portland startups are awesome: Mayor Sam Adams declares Portland Entrepreneurship Week, February 20-27, 2011

And so, to coordinate with National Entrepreneurship Week, Portland Mayor Sam Adams has declared Portland Entrepreneurship Week to be the week of February 20, 2011.

[HTML4]Now, I know you focus on the entrepreneurial stuff all the time. You’re all startuppy and stuff, day in and day out. But guess what? Not everyone recognizes the value of entrepreneurial pursuits like you. Sad. But true.

But you know what? Portland does. And so, to coordinate with National Entrepreneurship Week, Portland Mayor Sam Adams has declared Portland Entrepreneurship Week to be the week of February 20, 2011. Read More

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