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Portland’s TechfestNW attracts startups from around the world with PitchfestNW

It wasn’t so long ago when Portland was hungry for a homegrown tech conference that celebrated and showcased the wide variety of technology and startups that call the Rose City home. Over the last few years, TechfestNW has grown from beyond its humble beginnings to be exactly that sort of conference. But they’re not stopping there. Read More

Bringing folks together in Portland, under the analogy of Comma,Separated,Values

Companies aren’t the only entities that relocate to Portland on a regular basis. We get our fair share of conferences and events doing exactly that same thing. Especially if they’re open source or tech oriented sorts of conferences. So I guess it only stands that, after two years in Berlin, the CSV Conference is changing it’s locale to the Rose City. Read More

Toward more diverse speakers, panels, and events in our community

Saying diversity and inclusion is a problem in the tech world is a staggering understatement. And when you live in the most infamously white city in the United States with an incredibly small tech and startup community, that issue is only exacerbated. Exponentially. That’s why I’m always happy to see how other folks are working to change that. Read More

REMINDER: Portland Startup Summit 2.0.1 takes place next Monday

The event season is in full swing in Portland. From massive visiting events to successful homegrown events to everything in between. And while a number of the events tend to focus on certain technologies or job roles, it’s always nice to have events that present a spectrum of topics. Like Portland Startup Summit. Read More

Was one of your resolutions to be more social? Portland startup event organizers have combined forces to help you [UPDATE 2]

[UPDATE] Just got word that this event is being rescheduled. More details after the break. [/UPDATE] What do you get when you mix NewTech PDX, 1 Million Cups Portland, and Portland Startup Happy Hour? Um. Okay. Well, I don’t know either. But how about if you mix all of those at the beginning of the year? Okay then. Now we’re cooking. That’s right. You get the Portland Launch 2015 event, a way for all sorts of startup types to kick off the new year with their peers. Read More

Before Calagator, Portland discovered events through Upcoming — and now we're going to have it again

Early in the days of this most recent reboot of the Portland startup scene. We were all trying to figure out who was doing what. And what we could be doing. And how Portland could work together. And nothing was better at getting people together during those early days than a little site called Upcoming. Read More

Can you quantify that? Then maybe you should attend the Quantified Self Show & Tell

In a day and age of Foursquare checkins, Nike+ FuelBands, and wifi-enabled scales, we’re all spending more and more time tracking and recording our activities. But what to do with all of that data?

That’s what the folks behind the Quantified Self movement are asking. And on Tuesday, they’ll be swinging by Portland to chat about it. Read More

Startups come into Pitch Club a wad of cookie dough. They leave carved out of wood.

It’s that time again. Well, yeah. Time for slaughtering Fight Club quotes to make goofy headlines. But it’s also time for another Pitch Club, this Thursday.

That’s right. Every startup’s favorite way to practice their pitch in front of their peers—and to get the feedback they need to hone their stories. Read More

I know what you’ll do this summer: 8 major upcoming tech and geek events in Portland

Here’s a quick look at the major tech events – OSCON, Open Source Bridge, IndieWebCamp, Word Domination Conference – happening in Portland over the coming months.

Well, we’re in the thick of it, aren’t we? That’s right. It’s conference and event season. Full on.

Yes, we’ve already made it through BarCamp Portland, NW, and OpenGovWest. But it’s really just the beginning. There’s still more to come. A bunch more. So here’s a quick look at the major tech events happening in Portland over the coming months. Read More