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Typical hackathons a little too social for your blood? Embrace being an introvert and Hackalone

Maybe it’s the growing popularity of books like Quiet. Or maybe it’s just the over socialization of our online lives. But sometimes, it seems that even the geekiest of hackathons can get a little too, well, social. What if you just want to fly solo? Introducing Hackalone. Read More

September just got even more awesome: Spotify, MapQuest, and Twilio sponsoring MFNW+PDX Music Hack Day

Just when you thought your September couldn’t get any better… I’m happy to announce that—as part of the Portland Digital eXperience (PDX) conference—Portland will be host to a Music Hack Day. The good news is that it’s open to the public. The even better news is who is getting involved. Read More

June 2 is crazy. Crazy awesome that is: Hack for Portland Schools, Portland Code Camp, and VibrantData PDX Hackathon

It’s been a while since we’ve had a pile up of amazing events all in one day. And even though it makes for a difficult decisions, it’s nice to see the level of activity.

So what are you doing on June 2? Attending Hack for Portland Schools, headed to Portland Code Camp, or joining the VibrantData PDX Hackathon? Read More

Can you quantify that for me? How about with me? Join the Vibrant Data Hack, this weekend

One of the most interesting aspects of our increasingly wired life is the contrail of data that follows us around on a daily basis. How much did we sleep? How much do we weigh? Where did we go? How many calories did we consume? Small bite sized chunks of data that more and more people are accumulating. About any number of subjects. Read More

It ain’t easy being green: Hacking on Nike open data to make sustainability easier for designers

When it comes to materials, it’s pretty obvious that a something like polyester isn’t exactly gentle on the environment. But you know what’s almost as bad? Wool. That’s right. Good old sheep. Well, if you’re not right near them.

But how are apparel designers and furniture makers and other manufacturers supposed to know that? Well a little local apparel company called Nike is hoping to help. Read More

From Wikipedian to Wiki curious: Attend Portland Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

If you’re like most people, you get an awful lot of value out of Wikipedia. But have you ever wondered what it takes to get more involved in the community of Wikipedians?

Well, whether you’re a regular contributor or just Wiki curious, you’ve got an opportunity to do some hacking this Saturday during the Portland Wikipedia Edit-a-thon. Read More

Spend a few cycles hacking for good at the PDX Applications for Good Code-a-thon this weekend

I know you. You spend a lot of time hacking on technology to make things better for people. Using data in interesting ways, building applications that make information more accessible, or just figuring out if something can be done.

But what if you were able to channel that creativity into creating something that solved problems for less fortunate folks? That would be cool right? Well take a look at the Portland Applications for Good Code-a-thon taking place this weekend. Read More

Find yourself geolocated in Portland for JSConf or NodeConf? Join GeoIQ for some hacking and geogeeking, this Sunday

You know how Portland loves the geogeeking. I mean, we’re always hearing about how folks are using geolocation to hack, build products, or simply determine how badass particular Portland neighborhoods may be.

But for all the local activity, it’s always nice when other folks who love geolocation data are in town, too. And that just so happens to be the case, what with JSConf and NodeConf coming up next week. Well, GeoIQ would like to take advantage of that serendipity. So they’re hosting a Portland GeoIQ JavaScript Hack Day at PIE, Sunday, May 1 beginning at noon. Read More