Month: November 2010

How does Portland become more attractive for venture capital investment?

Even as Portland startups continue to make waves and land capital, we’ve still got a lot to do to step up to the big leagues. So what does Portland need to do to step up and be among the premier cities for startups?

One thing is for sure. Being attractive to venture capitalists can only help the cause. And ensure that Portland startups have the capital they need to succeed. But how? Well, why not ask a VC? That’s what happened on TechCrunch’s “Ask a VC” last week. Read More

Turkey Tracker 2010: It’s not a geeky Portland Thanksgiving without streaming video, an Arduino, Twitter, and some geogeeking

Turkey Tracker 2010 features the usual Arduino enabled thermometer and real-time tracking of turkey temperatures. And live video. And live graphing. And photos. But this year, it also comes with some additional technology trimmings.

For many people, things are starting to slow down as Thanksgiving approaches. But for others? Things are just heating up. Literally.

Yes folks, it is once again that time to turn our eyes toward Portland’s own Turkey Tracker, the Internet phenomenon that lets you and yours track turkey temperature and preparation in real time. Why? Because they can. Read More

Al Gore may have invented the Information Superhighway, but Oregon Senator Ron Wyden just saved the Internet

COICA could be horrible for the Internet as a whole. And that’s why a single Senator is standing up against the bill. The senator? Oregon Senator Ron Wyden.

[HTML3]While the Internet may not be a series of tubes or a big truck you can dump stuff on, it is a place where an awful lot of folks spend time and energy building businesses. And as such, one of the most hotly debated topic is the idea of copyright. And who owns what on the Web.

Enter the US government and the attempted legislation of said copyright, the “Combating Online Infringements and Counterfeits Act” (COICA, S.3804). Problem is that—as usual—the devil is in the details. Read More

Job? Job? Who’s got the Portland job? Oh. These folks do.

You can feel it. There’s a chill in the air. The holidays are coming up. Business is starting to get a little sleepy. Things are starting to slow down.

But that’s not always the case for the startups around Portland. You may have a new job to start the new year. So take advantage of the slow down and scope out some new jobs. Read More

Calling Oregon entrepreneurs to action: Do-it-yourself healthcare reform

From friends who own small traditional businesses to my tech entrepreneur friends, most are aghast at how severely they’ve been hit by healthcare cost increases. It’s simply unsustainable. This post will outline an alternative approach to getting your healthcare needs met that may be a better route for you and your organization.

[HTML4][Editor’s Note: Dave Chase provides us with another guest post. This time, he focuses on what entrepreneurs can do to reform the US healthcare system. It’s an area near and dear to his heart and, as you’ll see, where his latest startup is focused.]

Imagine a cost in your business or personal budget that grew 3400% faster than all other costs. Would you do something about it? That is what has happened to healthcare costs over the last 50 years. While other goods have gone up 8x in the last 50 years, healthcare has gone up 274x. Read More

Fear change? Steer clear of FMYI’s latest project, Change Agents Unite

Now, Portland’s FMYI—a company with sustainability at its very heart and soul—wants to help highlight those people who are trying to change the world. And to reward them. Introducing the Change Agents Unite movement.

Portland and the Northwest are full of people who think differently. Who try to change things for the better. Who try to live more sustainably. Who try to change business. Who try to innovate in new and interesting ways.

Now, Portland’s FMYI—a company with sustainability at its very heart and soul—wants to help highlight those people who are trying to change the world. And to reward them. Introducing the Change Agents Unite movement. Read More

Where Portland’s Athletic & Outdoor, Software, and Clean Tech clusters should meet

[Editor’s Note: While the Portland Development Commission (PDC) works with the software community, they’re also in the midst of working on other industries in which Portland shows strengths. Most notably, athletic and outdoor apparel and clean tech clusters. Guest writer and serial entrepreneur Dave Chase, whom you may remember from “10 reasons I chose Portland over Seattle and Silicon Valley to locate my startup,” is back with an interesting take on where all of these clusters could collaborate.]

This week, the Portland Development Commission (PDC) announced a new action plan to foster what they are now calling “The Athletic and Outdoor Industry Cluster.” Shortly thereafter, I watched a video of an innovative Scandinavian energy company. They have managed to turn a boring energy company into something decidedly more interesting integrating exercise into the energy grid and rewarding people accordingly. More on that below… Read More

Want to report municipal problems in the de facto hub of open source? There’s no better way than the City of Portland Android app

Introducing PDX Reporter, a new Android app designed to report problems directly to the city of Portland, Oregon, quickly and easily.

Portland has declared itself an open city. It has worked hard to champion open source, open its data, and look for new and interesting ways to get more involved in the open source software community.

But to report a problem to the City with a mobile app? Well, that took an iPhone—a notably proprietary system. That was, until now. Introducing PDX Reporter, a new Android app designed to report problems directly to the city, quickly and easily. Read More

When one door closes another opens… and here are some of those open doors in Portland

There’s been unfortunate news of shut downs and layoffs this week. But let’s focus on the positive—especially for those folks who are now looking for work.

Good news? Portland startups are hiring. So let’s take a look at who needs whom to do what. Read More

Sad news: InstantAction now instantly inactive

Well, crap. I hate reporting this stuff.

Remember exactly one year ago yesterday when the Garage Games spinoff/fork InstantAction moved to town? And how we were all excited to have a gaming company calling Portland home?

Well, unfortunate news today. InstantAction is no more. Read More

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