Month: April 2011

Have Lunch with WebTrends, Again

Local analytics powerhouse, WebTrends (@webtrends) will be hosting their third Lunch 2.0 on May 11, 2011.

Not that a Lunch 2.0 needs one, but the occasion is the launch of their newest product, Analytics 10, a tool that unifies web, social and mobile analytics into a single package. Win.

They’ll have Analytics 10 available to test-drive, if you’re interested, but if you’re not, no worries, the usual free-form networking will be in full swing as well. Maybe if we’re lucky, the sun will make an appearance, so we can bask on the deck.

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Miss your chance to wield an axe in a Portland Timbers photo? Play in a Timbers game instead

So you’ve been wearing a bit of a sourpuss ever since you realized that you missed out on the opportunity to have a really cool avatar thanks to the Portland Timbers crowdsourced photo campaign. I get it. It hurts. You’re all Rose City ’til you die and stuff.

Well, turn that frown upside down, my little Timbers Army faithful. Because you now have a chance to wield an axe in a Portland Timbers game. Read More

Want to see what a startup incubator demo day is like? 500 Startups gives you a seat at the show

For all the incubators and accelerators popping up, one of the most interesting has to be Dave McClure‘s 500 Startups. Part startup accelerator, part seed fund. The vision for 500 Startups is change the way that startups and investors collaborate and interact—to the benefit of both groups.

And now, you can get a little glimpse into what one of those 500 Startups demo days is like. Read More

Startup Weekend Portland IV launches 11 new startup ideas

Startup Weekend Portland IV was, without a doubt, the largest Startup Weekend gathering Portland has seen—and perhaps the most diverse. With a good chunk of development talent, some really nice gender parity, a bunch of people from out of town, and, of course, a ton of energy and some very creative ideas.

But when the dust settled, it was two of the 11 Startup Weekend ideas that judges chose to win: AudioName and MyReplayLive. Read More

Portland 100: Taking the next step in solidifying the Portland startup community

Come hear the plans for the Portland 100 and the Portland startup scene. Join Gerald Baugh of the PDC and Nitin Khanna as they take you through the thinking behind the Portland 100, Wednesday, April 6 beginning at 5 PM at Puppet Labs.

In many ways, the Portland startup community is still in its infancy. Sure. We’ve had successes here and there. But the framework and structure that is part and parcel of larger startup towns like Seattle and the Bay Area are still somewhat nascent around here.

So we’ve got to build some of those support mechanisms from scratch. But we also needed companies that were ready to take the next step. Well, we’re getting there. And the Portland 100 is the next logical step. Read More

REMINDER: Small Society is buying you lunch on Wednesday. You know, in a Portland Lunch 2.0 kind of way.

As some of you know, Portland Lunch 2.0 organizer Jake Kuramoto has his hands a little full as of late. So I’m stepping in to guest post for him on the upcoming Lunch 2.0 at Small Society.

Um. Yeah. So our friends at Small Society? You know, that awesome Portland iOS dev shop founded by Raven Zachary (@ravenme) and James Keller (@semaphoria)? They’re buying you lunch this Wednesday. So they’d like you to come visit. And eat. Read More

Manic Monday: UX Tweetup, Open Source Bridge volunteer meeting, and Failures, Conjectures & Closure

Well, it must be spring. Because there are tech events cropping up all over. And this week is starting off with a bang. Problem being? Conflicts. You’ve got to pick and choose your activities for tonight.

Your choices? Well, tonight, you’ve got three big ones (and probably others I’ve missed). There’s a UX Tweetup at the Green Dragon with Whitney Hess, an Open Source Bridge volunteer meeting at Lucky Lab Overlook Tap Room, and Failures, Conjectures & Closure at PIE. Read More

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for March 2011

April Fools! Oh wait. You’ve had about enough of that, right? Well, it is April 1. But instead of being all funny and whatnot—because let’s face it: I’m not—I thought it might be a good time to recap the most popular posts from March 2011. Sound good?

Good. So here, according to your peers, are the most popular Silicon Florist stories for March 2011 based on Web and RSS traffic. Read More

Avoid falling for April Fools’ pranks by… well by falling for Urban Airship’s April Fools’ prank

Now, I’ll be honest. Me? I’m a tad more than gullible. So on days like today? I fall left and right. For pranks. For fibs. For whatever.

But for all the fun of April Fools’ Day, it’s not often that you get more than a few chuckles out of any given prank. No matter how good it is. Well, leave it to Urban Airship to change that. Read More