Month: April 2011

Thanks to Innotech and WebVisions for sponsoring Silicon Florist

I’ve been a bit remiss on thanking Silicon Florist’s sponsors. And they happen to be two great events, one coming up this week and one coming up in May. In terms of bang for your buck, they’ve got a lot to offer. And I’m not just saying that because they’re sponsors. Well, not entirely.

Got some time this week? Head over to Innotech on April 21. Interested in the future of the Web? Think about attending WebVisions, May 25-27. Read More

How many times can one man save the Internet? Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon is ratcheting up quite a record

If you live in Oregon, you probably know the name Ron Wyden. The Democrat has remained a fixture in the US Senate for Oregon—and he show no signs of slowing.

But what you might not know is how damned hard the guy works to protect the Internet as we know it. So if you’re trying to build a business using the Internet, you like the Internet, or you’ve even heard of the Internet, you might want to thank Senator Wyden for his work. Even if it does mean that silly blogs like this one continue to exist. Read More

Doing that Sunday job search thing? 25 Portland gigs that could be your next dream job

It’s Sunday. A great day for grabbing the newspaper, a cup of coffee, and poring over the want ads. Searching for that perfect gig.

Well, you’re all digital and interactive and stuff. Why just keep that sort of searching to the paper? There are a ton of cool companies with 25 jobs—one of which could be just perfect for you. Read More

Mayor for a day: Join Whiffies and all your mayoral peers Saturday April 16 for Foursquare Day Portland 2011

Thanks to the efforts of an early entrant in the location app space, Shizzow, Portland was all primed and ready to fall in love with Foursquare—and begin donning mayors, left and right.

Our love of check ins is all well and good. But let’s be honest—even though Portland Mayor Sam Adams made it officialPortland isn’t the only place that loves Foursquare. So around the world on April 16, people will be celebrating Foursquare Day. Get it? 4/16? Four squared? And you’re invited for Portland’s own celebration. Read More

Who’s doing the best social media work? SoMe Awards announces finalists

When it comes to social media, many things are fleeting. Twitter and Facebook stream by. And moments that, at first, seem entirely unforgettable vanish in an instant. Never to be seen again. Like tears in the rain…

Wait a second. WTF?

Sorry, I must be all blissed out from listening to this little ditty. Read More

You’re all Webtastic and visionary, right? Right. So submit your entry for the 2011 Webvisionary Awards

My, my, my how time flies. It seems like just last year I was badgering you guys to submit your entries to the Webvisionary Awards 2010. And now? That’s right. I’m badgering you to submit your entries to the Webvisionary Awards 2011.

Why? Because if you’re good enough and smart enough and the judges like you, you could take the stage and go home with a robot during WebVisions, this year. Read More

I want to buy this. At this price. Tell me when that happens. Salemarked does, simply and elegantly

Enter Salemarked. A Web browser bookmarklet that allows users to select a specific item, set the price at which they would buy that item, and request an alert when that item actually reaches that sale price.

There are always the stories. You know. About the startups that made it. That cashed out big. That spawned another hundred startups. But what about the ones that fail? What do they spawn? Well, if it’s Oklahoma transplant Vidoop—which had a much celebrated move to Portland followed by a spectacular flame out—the answer is quite a bit.

Without the fall of Vidoop, there might not have been Bac’n, Urban Airship, What Spot Now, or some excellent design work at Spotlight Mobile. And there might not have been the latest project from former-Vidooper Koes Bong, a little project called Salemarked. Read More

Oregon Y Combinator companies CarWoo and Cloudkick to help launch Portland Seed Fund

Since its inception, the Portland Seed Fund has held with it the promise to fill a much need role in the Portland startup scene—the ability to provide small amounts of capital to burgeoning young startups that might not yet be ready for larger rounds. And while I’ve been critical of the some of the original positioning around the Fund, I’ve eagerly awaited and supported the Portland Seed Fund team as they’ve worked to put the program together.

Now, the Portland Seed Fund has reached the point that they’re ready to accept applications. And to open with a bang, they’ve brought a couple of former Oregon companies—who also happen to be Y Combinator alums—to help celebrate the milestone. Read More

RDTN.org moves from plotting data to plotting to build devices to measure radiation levels in real time

RDTN.org is taking the next logical step. Well the next logical two steps, actually. First, they’re going to track down existing radiation monitoring devices to ship to Japan. Second, they’re intent on manufacturing a network of devices that monitor radiation levels so that no one has to encounter this sort of shortage, again.

Remember RDTN.org? The site that Uncorked Studios built in 72-hours to help the people of Japan plot and track radiation levels from the earthquake crippled nuclear reactors?

Well, RDTN.org has the plotting of existing data dialed in. But gathering accurate and timely data to be plotted has been less than an easy task. Seems most of us don’t just have Geiger counters sitting around. In fact, there aren’t many sitting around period. They’re hard to come by. Read More

Remembering and celebrating Paul @pdxflaneur Bingman, April 17

Friends of Paul Bingman have arranged a gathering on Sunday, April 17, at the Portland Art Museum’s Whitsell Auditorium to celebrate his life and to remember those contributions. You’re invited to attend. And if you have the wherewithal, you’re encouraged to donate to help them pay for the memorial.

The Portland tech scene lost Paul “@pdxflaneur” Bingman to pancreatic cancer on April 3, 2011. But his contributions to our community—and many other Portland communities—will never be forgotten.

Friends of Paul Bingman have arranged a gathering on 6 PM, Sunday, April 17, at the Portland Art Museum’s Whitsell Auditorium to celebrate his life and to remember those contributions. You’re invited to attend. And if you have the wherewithal, you’re encouraged to donate to help them pay for the memorial in addition to attending the celebration. Read More