Month: April 2011

How badass is your Portland neighborhood? Check the Portland Badass-ness Map

You know, we throw a lot of technology around in Portland. A lot of open source. A lot of geohacking. A lot of data points being tossed about, willy nilly.

But let’s be honest. What is data without context? Not much. And when it comes to context, what better context is there than badassedness? None. Really. Read More

REMINDER: Demolicious + Mobile Portland = Mobile Demolicious, demos of tasty mobile apps, tonight

Portland has more than its fair share of awesome mobile app development going on. But sometimes, there’s so much, we miss out on some of the amazing things our peers are doing. That’s why Portland Web Innovators and Mobile Portland thought it might be a good idea to combine forces. So that we could see demos of cool mobile apps.

Sound interesting? Well head on over to Urban Airship tonight—Monday, April 25—to see Mobile Demolicious, starting around 6 PM. Read More

Survey says…! SurveyMonkey scoops up Wufoo for $35 million

SurveyMonkey acquired the AJAX-y online form goodness that is Wufoo.

SurveyMonkey—the nearly ubiquitous go-to service for online surveys—is one of those companies. You know, the ones who are quietly successful. Who don’t make much ruckus. And who—prior to its sale to a private equity consortium in April 2009—just happened to be headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

They’ve still got an office here. So when they do something, we take notice. And they did a little something today. SurveyMonkey acquired the AJAX-y online form goodness that is Wufoo. Read More

Portland blogs BikePortland, Lund Report, and Neighborhood Notes named to Oregonian News Network project

The Oregonian has a new project, designed to expose those blogs to an even broader readership, a staggering 2.26 million unique visits a month. The Oregonian News Network.

Portland is lucky to have some very strong local blogs. Very strong. Blogs that cover things that are important to residents of the town—and of interest to folks outside Portland, looking in. And even though it’s rare for those blogs to be run by traditional journalists, there is no doubt that they provide coverage and insight that rivals even the most seasoned reporter. Read More

CIO for the State of Oregon Dugan Petty wins innovation award for Jive Software implementation

We in Portland are quick to trumpet our tech scene, our community, and our forward thinking. But while we’re often happy to point to things the city is doing, it’s rare that we take that bragging to the state level.

Well, turns out Oregon’s CIO Dugan Petty is no slouch. Turns out, he was recently recognized as one of the “Top 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers” by Government Technology magazine and Center for Digital Government. Read More

ActiveTrak’s Ken Westin chats with KGW about unencrypted Apple iPhone tracking logs

Unless you’ve been under a rock—and without your iPhone—for the past few days, you’ve no doubt heard about the now infamous Apple iPhone tracking logs that are held on your phone and your computer, unencrypted.

Sure. You check into Foursquare, Gowalla, and Facebook Places. And you visit sites on the Web. And you turn on GPS to use maps. And you make calls that bounce off of specific cell towers. But little did you know, your location was also being logged by your phone. Read More

New to Portland: Perspective on the Portland Seed Fund launch

[Editor: So, the Portland Seed Fund is now open. Providing a new funding mechanism for fledgling Portland startups. And we here, who have been anxiously awaiting the opening of the fund, are excited about this endeavor, it makes me wonder how people outside of Portland are receiving it.

Well, enter Dale Davidson, a recent Portland transplant who attended the launch. Here’s his guest post on the event and some of his thoughts on the fund.] Read More

Follow frenzy: 50 interesting Twitter folks (who also happen to be speaking at #140conf NW)

Well, before you go running off and following Twitter types willy nilly, maybe you should start with a sure thing. Like the speakers at #140conf NW

So, you’ve been feeling a little different. Things are changing. You’re changing. It happens. This is a special time in your life.

You’re looking for a few new people to follow on Twitter.

Well, before you go running off and following Twitter types willy nilly, maybe you should start with a sure thing. You know what I’m talking about. That’s right. Speakers at the NW. Read More

Want criticism and guidance on your elevator pitch? Pitch Club is Thursday night

Your pitch isn’t going to get any better if you don’t practice. And you’re not going to get the kind of critical feedback you need from friends and family. Because, let’s be honest. Your pitch is shaky at best. And it could use some work.

Go ahead, Cornelius. You can cry.

But once you’re finished weeping, pack up your stuff, gird your ego, and head on over to PIE for Pitch Club on Thursday night at 6 PM. You and your pitch will be better for it. Read More

Watch Y Combinator grads CarWoo and Cloudkick and the Portland Seed Fund launch from the comfort of your browser

When you have a line up with two successful Y Combinator companies like CarWoo and Cloudkick and the launch of the Portland Seed Fund, the venue can fill up pretty quickly. And that’s exactly what happened with tonight’s event.

But anyone who knows Portland knows that we’re all about making sure everyone gets a chance to participate. So even if you can’t get in or if you’re out of town or whatever, you’ll be able to tune in to the Portland Seed Fund launch party—all from the comfort of your Web browser. Read More