Month: January 2012

Meet the Startup: Piecing together the first PIE Demo Day

Earlier this month, PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment) graduated eight new startups into the Portland tech scene—as each company took the stage to tell their stories.

If you want, you can catch all of the PIE pitches in their entirety. But if you’d like a Cliff’s Notes version, the folks at Meet the Startup are happy to oblige. Read More

Node.js unicorns and battle bots at NodePDX

In just a two weeks, Portland will be hosting NodePDX—a software conference for the Node.js community.

Over the last few months there have been major releases, advances, and products delivered around Node.js. From increased support across dozens of platforms, integration into PaaS… even full Windows Server and Windows Azure support from our noodly masters up north, Microsoft. Read More

Interested in tracking AngelList activity for early stage Portland startups?

If you’re in an early stage startup, you’ve probably heard of AngelList. If you haven’t, you should check it out. It’s the best way for early stage companies to get in front of early stage investors. In a way that makes it both comfortable and natural for both parties.

Well, now, Angel List has released an API. And that means that whether you’re a member of the AngelList community or not, you can keep an eye on Portland startups. Read More

Portland side projects Gramfeed and Vizify Tweetsheet get a little love from CNN

If you look really closely at a recent CNN post entitled “50 new tech tools you should know about,” you’ll see a little glimmer of Portland in there. No, not there. Right there.

Yep, Portland’s Gramfeed gets a mention. And Vizify gets a nod in that list of 50 for their work on Tweetsheet. Right there among the likes of Card Munch, Hipmunk, and Path, to name a few. Read More

Startups come into Pitch Club a wad of cookie dough. They leave carved out of wood.

It’s that time again. Well, yeah. Time for slaughtering Fight Club quotes to make goofy headlines. But it’s also time for another Pitch Club, this Thursday.

That’s right. Every startup’s favorite way to practice their pitch in front of their peers—and to get the feedback they need to hone their stories. Read More

Meet the Startup: Chatting with Portland mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith

Continuing our discussions with Portland mayoral candidates, we sit down today with Jefferson Smith. Folks know Jefferson as a born and bred Portlander, a member of the Oregon legislature, and a the founder of the Bus Project.

But there are a few things you might not know about Jefferson, including his view on the Portland startup community. Read More

Talk fast… err think about talking fast: SAO TechIgnite proposals are open

The Ignite format is a popular one with the tech types. And why wouldn’t it be? Presenting twenty slides in five minutes, conveying a topic about which you are exceptionally passionate? That’s awesome for both the presenter and the audience.

And that’s why SAO has adopted that format for SAO TechIgnite. And they’d like you to present. Read More

Open Source Bridge opens call for talk proposals

It’s a well-known fact that Portland has a ton of open source activity, from projects to user groups to events. And one of the best events is our own homegrown conference, Open Source Bridge.

What makes the OS Bridge so good? Well, the talks for one thing. And now, you have a chance to be a speaker at this year’s gathering. Read More

Political party: Mayoral candidate Eileen Brady celebrates the Portland startup scene

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Given Portland’s aggressive humility, we often fail to do an adequate job of celebrating our startup successes. But that—happily—is beginning to change.

Now, mayoral candidate Eileen Brady would like to help the Portland startup scene celebrate. And you’re invited. Read More