Month: April 2012

Portland to Seattle with wifi, power outlets, and legroom? I’d buy that for a dollar

Portland and Seattle, while similar and complementary, are usually just far enough away from one another to make it a pain in the ass to get between the two towns. But that may be changing. At a price startups can afford—with amenities to boot.

Introducing BoltBus. Read More

Well done: ShopIgniter lands Omaha Steaks

When it comes to beef, the Midwest has a corner on the market. But when it comes to selling that beef on Facebook? Apparently, people come to ShopIgniter. They just landed Omaha Steaks as a customer. Read More

Portland Startup Weekend: Bigger, better, and more diverse

It was another amazing weekend for the Portland Startup Weekend crew. And this time around? It was more diverse than ever. More than 133 entrepreneurs saw 71 pitches at the beginning of the weekend; 12% of the folks were women, 30% of the teams were led by women, and there were two 15 year olds pitching. Read More

Which Oregon colleges are churning out startup founders? AngelList knows

Remember back when we ran that survey of the schools that had the most impact on the Portland startup scene? Well, now there’s something a little more empirical.

AngelList—arguably the best thing going for early stage startups seeking funding—has released lists of colleges and universities that appear in founder profiles. How did Oregon schools fare? Read More

File under irony: Portland startups Cloudability and AppFog get noticed at Under the Radar

It seems more than appropriate that the often overlooked Portland startup scene would have a big presence at a conference called Under the Radar.

Portland’s Puppet Labs was the big favorite in 2010. And this year? Two Portland companies stole the show, Cloudability and AppFog. Read More

Beer and tech startups go together like… well beer and tech startups

The Oregonian covered Churchkey Can Co—the startup beer company created by former Nike designer Justin Hawkins and actor Adrian “Entourage” Grenier—a while back. But now that Churchkey’s got funding from tech investors—including Michael Arrington‘s CrunchFund—even the tech blogs are taking notice. Read More

What does Puppet Labs do? An explanation from cofounder Teyo Tyree

Puppet Labs was the breakout hit at the 2010 Under the Radar conference.

This year, cofounder Teyo Tyree is back to give a talk on how they’ve matured. And it’s a great overview of what Puppet does. Read More

Urban Airship Newsstand Publisher: It’s like the publications almost sell themselves

One of the benefits of push notifications is keeping users engaged long after the application has been installed on their device. Why should publications be any different?

That’s why Urban Airship has developed Newsstand Publisher, a new product that enables digital periodicals to foster a more active relationship with their readers. Read More

Puppet Labs promotes Nigel Kersten to CTO

It’s always nice to see Portland startups adding executive talent. It’s even nicer when those folks have worked their way up to that position.

Such is the case with Nigel Kersten at Puppet Labs, who was just appointed CTO. Read More

Starve Ups Launch Pad: Connecting entrepreneurs with the resources they need

So you’ve been to Pitch Club. You’ve done a stint or two at Portland Startup Weekend. And now you’re looking for those connections that can help you take your business to the next level.

Well look no further. It’s time for another Starve Ups Launch Pad. Read More

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