Month: February 2013

Windows seat: Urban Airship works with Microsoft to ease deployment on Windows 8 Phone using Azure

We’re in the middle of one of the biggest events in the mobile industry, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. So it’s to be expected that companies are making big announcements. Today, Portland’s Urban Airship highlighted their ongoing efforts with Microsoft Windows Azure, Windows 8, and Windows 8 Phone. Read More

You got your in-stream purchases in my… Facebook? Chirpify strikes again

Any number of companies are attacking the idea of social commerce space, looking to make money off the way people share stuff with the friends. But Portland’s Chirpify has always had a unique take on that pursuit. And today? Things got a whole heck of a lot uniquerer. Read More

On fire: ShopIgniter has increased revenue 170% year-over-year

If there’s one thing Portland startups seem to have difficulty with, it’s celebrating wins. That’s starting to change. But it would be nice to see it more often. That’s why it was awesome to see a recent press release from ShopIgniter that simply bring us up-to-date on their progress. Read More

REMINDER: Google wants to help you improve your mobile Web experience at Mobile Portland

One of the nice things about ApacheCon in town is that we don’t have to travel to get access to its awesome content. Another perk? We get the opportunity to meet really interesting folks who come to town for these events—whether we attend or not. Read More

Wisdom isn't always about winning: You can't recreate the same success. But you can avoid the same mistakes.

Serial entrepreneur and all-around awesome guy Kyle Kesterson of Freak’n Genius wrote a great piece for GeekWire today about sharing true experiences with your startup peers. Not about “Killing it!” or “Everything’s awesome!” But truly sharing what’s happening with your company. Read More

Less is more: Parent Hacks launches Minimalist Parenting book and camp

Sometimes, the best way to hack something is to simplify it. Especially when its an incredibly complex system. Like parenting. Now the mother of all parent hacking sites, Portland’s Parent Hacks, is doing just that. Read More

Dialing for dollars: Celly lands $1.4 million

In a world where social networks seem to get more and more complex by the day, a local Portland company is working to simplify social networking. And investors like what they see. Upstart Labs alum Celly just landed $1.4 million, led by the Oregon Angel Fund. Read More

Have your cake: Portland video game Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake will be funded on Kickstarter

I have to admit that one of my new Kickstarter hobbies—in addition to supporting a bunch of awesome Portland projects—is to find projects that have already exceeded funding—and then fund them anyway. Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake from Portland’s Sleep Ninja is my latest happy discovery. Read More

Fruits of your labor: PDC, Produce Row "Startup PDX: Challenge" will land a few lucky startups with rent free office space in Portland

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times—and it seems like an appropriate adage for a port town—“the rising water floats all boats.” So it’s always nice to see new programs that are working to support Portland startups and help them grow into going concerns. Read More

Building something B2B? New startup accelerator 9Mile Labs wants to help

You can’t swing a dead term sheet without hitting a startup accelerator or two, these days. So it’s good to see some diversification in the market. Take 9Mile Labs out of Seattle, for example. Read More

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