Month: June 2013

Miners allowed: New Tellagence tool digs through Twitter for relevant topical data

It should come as no surprise that Portland gets analytical about things. Webtrends took an early lead in the world of Web analytics—and continues to innovate on monitoring what’s happening on the Web, today. And it’s led to a prevalence of thoughtful and creative data visualizations—from companies like Periscopic, for example—are changing the way people think about data. Read More

What's that sound? Digimarc pursues audio watermarking as an alternative to acoustic fingerprinting

As I always preface these posts… I realize Digimarc falls outside the realm of the traditional startup coverage here on Silicon Florist. But quite frankly, some of the new stuff they’ve been pursuing is pretty interesting—and applicable to startups. Take audio watermarking. Read More

Meet the Startup: Getting the vision behind On The Go Platforms

While still a nascent industry, wearable computing is definitely gaining momentum. And Portland startup On The Go Platforms is way ahead of the curve. The Portland Seed Fund alum and Startup PDX: Challenge winner is working to create “killer applications for smart glasses.” Read More

And the Fourth Estate weathers another hit: The Oregonian reduces delivery of dead tree editions in favor of going digital

Okay, granted. I’m not very good at reading. And I get even worse at reading when folks are crafting roller coasters of content with excessive spin. But as near as I can deduce, The Oregonian—the major news outlet for Oregon—is reducing its physical delivery schedule in favor of focusing on more online content. Read More

In need of some entrepreneurial inspiration? PSU Elevating Impact Summit takes place tomorrow

Obviously, I’m a big fan of startups. I mean… yeah. But when it comes to truly awesome startups, I always appreciate the people who are struggling to build a business and change the world for the better. And there’s no better group of folks than PSU’s “impact entrepreneurs.” Read More

Stylin': Portland's Embodee awarded patent for 3D digital garments

With Nike, Adidas, Columbia, Keen, Nau, and any number of other awesome apparel companies in town, Portland has a rich history of developing innovative clothing. Now, another Portland company is making designing that apparel even easier. Meet Embodee. Read More

What's better than chatting about crowdfunding? Chatting with Crowd Supply about crowdfunding over beers at ADX

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Portland loves its makers. That’s why we have amazing makerspaces like ADX. And Portland also loves crowdfunding for those makers. So much so, that it even has a crowdfunding platform built right here in town: Crowd Supply. Read More

Looking for work? Treehouse launches a job board to connect talent with gigs

When you’re looking for a new challenge, your first gig, or your summer job, it’s always nice to have more resources at your disposal. That’s why I’m happy to announce that Treehouse has launched a job board. Read More

Taking it up a notch: Works Electric unveils an urban assault vehicle of an electric scooter

Okay. Granted. This is a little different than the startups I usually cover. But once you see it, you’ll know why I felt the need to tell you about it. Check out the electric scooter that Portland’s Works Electric just released. Read More

CONFIRMED: Portland's AppFog acquired by CenturyLink

Any number of outlets began reporting yesterday that Portland-based AppFog had been acquired by CenturyLink. Details were slim all around. But now CenturyLink has confirmed the news with a press release. Read More

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