Month: July 2013

Something to crow about: Portland's Chirpify wraps up $6 million Series A

In a startup world of composed of cofounders where the solo founder is often written off, Chirpify is one of those scrappy single-founder tech startups that is making consistent progress. Today, the company—founded by Chris Teso—announced they have closed their Series A funding at $6 million. Read More

Big feature release from Little Bird

Portland’s Little Bird is on a mission to make sure you’re finding amazing people on Twitter—by finding true influencers in topics that are of interest to you. And now, they’re making finding those people even easier with their latest feature release. Read More

Grow for less: Early bird pricing for GROWconf ends today

I always joke that Portland folks have to leave Portland to meet up with other Portland folks. Or at least to have the time to chat with them. And the GROW Conference in Vancouver—no, the other one—is a great opportunity to do that. As an added bonus, you can see Portlanders speak, too. Read More

Even more accessible learning: Treehouse releases iPad app

Sometimes, you need a change of scenery. Even when you’re trying to learn stuff. And even when that stuff you’re trying to learn is technical. The folks at Treehouse understand. And that’s why they’ve just released an iPad version of Treehouse, so you can learn where and when you want to. Read More

Jennifer Jaffe joins Jama

In the past, one of the knocks against Portland’s startup scene has been a lack of seasoned executive talent. But that’s starting to change. Especially with Portland’s startup scene gaining more acclaim and making it easier for startups to find—or import—the talent they need. Read More

Something for everyone: Head to the PDX API Hour and/or Portland GigaOM meet up, Wednesday evening

It’s always nice to have OSCON in town. And it seems to cause local folks to get a little more social. So you’ve got two great techie opportunities for your Wednesday evening: PDX API Hour and the Portland GigaOM meet up. Read More

Portland startup and TechStars alum Glider featured in "Idea Makers"

We Portland startup types love our short films. I mean, look no further than that whole Tech Town Portland thing. But you know who else makes good little films? TechStars. And their latest effort features a Portland company. So we all win. Read More

Heading to the GROW Conference? Go by train and spend some quality time with your peers

The GROW Conference in Vancouver—no the other one—has become a must-attend event for many tech types on the west coast. And there’s no better way to get there than hanging out with a bunch of awesome tech people on a train from Portland to Vancouver. Read More

Reassessing your launch strategy? Jackson Gariety provides some food for thought

It seems almost trite now. For the last few years, launching products—or the promise of products—has been a series of: 1) Get a tech blog to cover it, 2) Hope it hits Hacker News or Techmeme, 3) ????, and of course 4) Profit! So it’s always nice to see young Portland entrepreneurs like Jackson Gariety re-evaluating this process. Read More

Mozilla plans to mosey into new Portland digs

I’ve often referred to Portland as the “regional office capital of the world,” given the prevalence of companies who have offices here—but not headquarters. So it’s always nice to when those regional offices expand. Which is just what Mozilla is doing with a growing Portland footprint. Read More

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