Month: March 2015

What's the easiest way to become a better blogger? It's simple. Just Press Publish.

Blogging. It seems so easy. But let’s be honest. It’s harder than it looks. I mean, if you want to do it well. If you want to do a crap job like I do, it’s fairly easy. Write a fluffy intro, blockquote with extreme prejudice, and then send them on their way. But if you want to actually share your insights and whatnot? Then Press Publish is just what you’ve been seeking. Read More

City of Portland looks to adopt startup technology early and often

You’ve got to love it when someone puts their money where their mouth is. Mouths are? When he or sheā€¦ anyway, you get the gist. That’s why I love this new program from the City of Portland and the Portland Development Commission which is designed to make it easier for Portland to adopt startup technology grown in our own backyard. It’s called the Early Adopter program. And they’ll be kicking off the effort on the morning of Tuesday, March 17, 2015. Read More

You're going to need a bigger oven: Looking back on PIE as we grow into new spaceā€¦ on Pi Day, of course

It seems oddly appropriate to be sitting here at PIE today. On 3/14/15. It is, after all, the most perfect Pi day most of us—at least us folks who write dates that way—will ever experience. And while sitting here at PIE is an entirely different PIE experience than that which I’m used to, it’s a particularly momentous one. Why? Because after today, this space at 1227 NW Davis is no longer PIE. Read More

Did someone say "road trip"? Ride along with Cargo as they head to SXSW

With this oddly unseasonal good weather, a weekend imminent, and spring break rapidly approaching, I know any number of us are catching ourselves daydreaming about a road trip or two. And one Portland startup, Cargo, is embracing that muse by taking a massive road trip. From Portland to Austin for SXSW. And you can follow the journey—in real time. Read More

Developers! Developers! Developers! Ignite TAO Developer edition is imminent

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Portlanders like to talk. They talk about their ideas. Their concerns. Their hobbies. Their craft brewed bacon infused leather. Talk talk talk. And for many of them, one of the best formats to share those random thoughts remains Ignite. The 20 slides in 5 minutes madness that is just weird enough to be Portland weird. That’s why I’m psyched there’s another Ignite TAO taking place, Thursday, March 12, 2015. Read More

REMINDER: New Relic FutureTalk "Big Data in Healthcare and Biomedicine: Opportunities and Challenges" with Bill Hersh

Wow. The last week kind of got by me. Sorry about that. I really wanted to get a post up for this sooner, but you know. Better late than never. Or something. And stuff. Anyway, if you’ve still got time open this evening, you should definitely try to catch Bill Hersh’s New Relic FutureTalk this evening, Big Data in Healthcare and Biomedicine:Ā Opportunities and Challenges. Read More

Hoping for some hardware hacking? Get ready to be happy

While Portland is more readily associated with hipsters, we’ve got our fair share of hackers, as well. And hardware hackers, at that. That’s why it makes perfect sense that we’re a stop on Hackster Hardware Weekend Portland, this weekend. And if you’re into hacking hardware, you won’t want to miss it. Read More

One good acquisition deserves another: Aruba which gobbled up Meridian is in turn gobbled up by HP

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: the Meridian exit is the most underrated exit in Portland startup history. And with that info, you also have to recognize that any chance I have to refer to that positive exit, I will. Like today, when it was confirmed that HP was acquiring Aruba for around $3 billion. Read More