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You got your Vizify in my Twitter. You got Your Year on Twitter in my Vizify.

Like many startups, Portland’s Vizify—an alum of TechStars Seattle and the Portland Seed Fund—has this tendency of launching something awesome, going dark, and then launching something even more awesome. And given that they’ve been quiet for a while, I’ve been expecting something. Read More

If a Twitter user could tweet a beer, how many beers would a Twitter user tweet?

Remember Tweet-a-Beer? The app—built by tenfour and Waggener Edstrom on the Chirpify platform—allows Twitter users to send a beer to a friend all through the magic of Twitter and PayPal.

And during SXSW, it took off. Now, the folks who built the app are sharing their initial results. Read More

100+ Portland startups to follow on Twitter

I’m always torn with these things. On one hand, I like gathering them up because, inevitably, I run into a few new companies. But I hate gathering them up because, inevitably, I miss a few obvious companies.

So, with that caveat, here’s a list of Twitter accounts for a bunch of Portland startups you should be following. Read More

SXSW hack: Be the most popular geek in Austin by using Chirpify to “Tweet a Beer”

If you work the angles right, SXSW can be a really rewarding experience. A veritable target-rich zone of tech types and a who’s who of the startup industry awaits those skilled and wily enough to make the right connections during their brief stint in Austin over the next few days.

But at an event with tens of thousands of people, how do you make yourself memorable? How do you get the attention of that one panelist to whom you really need to speak? Or that VIP who could really be the key to the next big thing? Read More

Twitter Stories starts in Portland

You may have seen announcements about Twitter‘s new “Twitter Stories” campaign—an interesting way of showcasing the power of a tweet.

But what you may not have noticed (I didn’t) was that the first story features a Portland company. Tune in to find out how a tweet saved Broadway Books in Northeast Portland. Read More

Visualize your Twitter stream with Vizify… and then demolish it with an angry bird

On any given day, thousands of people spend thousands of hours pouring their hearts out in 140 characters or less. All thanks to Twitter.

But have you ever wondered how your time tweeting is really spent? Well, Portland-based Vizify can answer that question with a visualization of your Twitter stream. Read More

Meet the Startup: Spending some time with Sell Simply

What if you could buy and sell with a tweet? That’s the question that Sell Simply is trying to answer. The service—which launched late last year—has gone through some tweaks and rebuilding to make the service even easier to use.

Now, folks can use Twitter as an engine for transactions without even visiting the site. Sound interesting? Well, spend a few minutes listening to Chris Teso describe the project. Read More

Follow frenzy: 50 interesting Twitter folks (who also happen to be speaking at #140conf NW)

Well, before you go running off and following Twitter types willy nilly, maybe you should start with a sure thing. Like the speakers at #140conf NW

So, you’ve been feeling a little different. Things are changing. You’re changing. It happens. This is a special time in your life.

You’re looking for a few new people to follow on Twitter.

Well, before you go running off and following Twitter types willy nilly, maybe you should start with a sure thing. You know what I’m talking about. That’s right. Speakers at the #140conf NW. Read More

SnOMG! is only one example of how the public sector can use social media. The first #140conf in the northwest will reveal others.

Whenever there’s inclement weather in Portland, the news crew frenzy is only eclipsed by the social media frenzy. #pdxtst springs into action. People are reporting a flake here and an icicle there. Reports come in from all over.

But something else interesting happens. Portland Mayor Sam Adams and other public officials start coordinating communications via social media. The public sector starts engaging folks online. And that’s pretty cool. But should it take a crisis for that to happen? That’s what the first #140conf in the northwest—#140confnw—is going to explore in May. Read More

Turkey Tracker 2010: It’s not a geeky Portland Thanksgiving without streaming video, an Arduino, Twitter, and some geogeeking

Turkey Tracker 2010 features the usual Arduino enabled thermometer and real-time tracking of turkey temperatures. And live video. And live graphing. And photos. But this year, it also comes with some additional technology trimmings.

For many people, things are starting to slow down as Thanksgiving approaches. But for others? Things are just heating up. Literally.

Yes folks, it is once again that time to turn our eyes toward Portland’s own Turkey Tracker, the Internet phenomenon that lets you and yours track turkey temperature and preparation in real time. Why? Because they can. Read More

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