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All your Sybase are belong to us: Urban Airship takes on push notifications for Sybase 365

Urban Airship is already leading the field for push notifications—those little messages that apps on smart phones can send you. But their latest deal has them stepping into the enterprise market in a big way.

Urban Airship just announced a partnership with Sybase to provide push to their network of nearly 1000 mobile operators and OEM partners. Read More

Startup innovation: Get your Saturday Night Fever on… on a Friday

Sometimes, I complain that Portland’s aggressive humility prevents the startup scene from pausing, reflecting, and celebrating a little bit. It’s really something I believe we could do more often.

Well, those crazy kids at Urban Airship seem dead set on proving me wrong. To the tune of “Shake Your Booty,” it seems. Read More

Urban Airship moves closer to the Holy Grail of targeted push messages with Segments, Meridian partnership

When it comes to communicating with customers, companies want to make sure that they’re getting information to folks at the most opportune time.

With the advent of push messages—which allow mobile applications to send users messages within the context of the app—companies got a little closer to the ideal. And today, Urban Airship, arguably the de facto leader in push notification services, moved one step closer to the Holy Grail of targeted messages by allowing push notifications to trigger based on what, when, and where they can be most effective. Read More

When he’s not busy running for mayor, Kveton is among the top names disrupting mobile

As I was browsing through a bunch of links this morning, I happened upon a post about “10 disruptive individuals who are reshaping the mobile industry.”

Being a sucker for lists, I clicked through. What surprised and pleased me was to see Scott Kveton, CEO of Urban Airship, listed among names like Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square and Jaakko Iisalo of Angry Birds fame. Read More

Scott Kveton, CEO of Urban Airship, is in the running to be mayor of Portland

Well, sort of.

It’s March Madness, the time of year when a vast majority of eyes turn to college basketball. And it’s also the thick of the Portland mayoral race. So why not—in some Frankenstein-like mashup—try to pick Portland’s next mayor by way of bracket? That’s exactly what the folks at Willamette Week are doing. Read More

Free Friday: Fostering creativity at Urban Airship

I realize I’ve already posted about Urban Airship once today. And I realize that I’ve posted about UA’s focus on corporate culture. But I came across this video that motivated me to post once more on the subject. So sue me. Read More

Meet the Startup: “This is your captain speaking…” about Urban Airship

As Portland revels in the makings of a tech startup renaissance, one of the companies leading the charge has been Urban Airship. Over two and half years, UA has grown from “four guys around a desk” to nearly 100 employees with offices in Portland and San Francisco.

To share part of that story, Meet the Startup caught up with the captain of the airship, Scott Kveton. Read More

Cultivating corporate culture: A key ingredient to building a killer startup

Portland is often recognized for its culture. Sometimes that’s good and sometimes that’s bad. But whatever the case, it’s a town driven by culture—no matter how fleeting.

But culture can also be a key ingredient for startups. From hiring to preventing burnout to getting the most of your work, concentrating on culture can help startups reap any number of benefits. But how? Read More

When one door closes… Geoloqi offers a new tool to help SimpleGeo customers transition

News came this week that Portland’s Urban Airship was simplifying its service offering by incorporating SimpleGeo functionality into its high performance push offerings and shuttering the separate SimpleGeo service. In the interim, they were helping customers transition to new services using Factual as a stop gap.

Well now, another Portland company has stepped up to help in the interim. Geoloqi has released a service to allow folks to import SimpleGeo data into Geoloqi. Read More

Forrester pushes push notifications as Urban Airship pushes their 10 billionth notification

Validation. It’s something for which every company strives. From a customer. From an investor. From the media. But one of the most important indicators in the business world? It’s validation from industry analysts.

And that’s why Forrester recommending push notifications—the same way they’ve recommended email, SMS, and the like—is a huge step forward for the mobile industry. And it’s a step taken in conjunction with Urban Airship sending its 10 billionth push. And on January 10th at that. Read More

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