Month: March 2012

Boombox + recycled vintage luggage = Case of Bass, pure Portland awesomeness

Okay. I’ll admit that this might be stretching the “tech startup” focus. But come on? A boombox? Made out of a vintage piece of luggage? How awesome is that? That’s right. It’s very awesome. And techie enough to make the cut.

Introducing Case of Bass. Read More

Looking for users? How about the City of Portland?

You’ve discovered an incredible pain point. And you’ve built an incredible and elegant tool that resolves it, without a question. But you’ve still got one big problem: getting users on the platform.

Well, your next user may be the city in which you reside. You see, the City of Portland would like to try your product. Read More

Bar none: Portland’s original unconference, BarCamp Portland, takes place this weekend

When it comes to unconferences, Portland has quite a few, discussing everything from blogging to open data to healthcare.

And the inspiration for all of those topical gatherings? The grandaddy of them all, BarCamp Portland. And it’s happening this weekend. For the sixth time. Read More

Girl? Geeky? Have we got an event for you

From the “better late than never” department… If there’s one major complaint about the tech scene in Portland—or, well, anywhere—it’s the lack of diversity. For the most part, it tends to be white. And male. And recent headlines have only further highlighted the issue.

But we also know there are a bunch of awesome women working in the tech scene around. And it’s time that we get them all together in one room. Read More

Is it getting gamey in here? Jive partners with Bunchball to launch Jive Gamification

Jive has always been on the forefront of taking consumer focused tools and turning them inward to benefit large corporations. They took the dynamic of social dynamic Twitter and Facebook and made them a means of improving communication inside organizations. Read More

Shut up. Put your head down. Work.

Sometimes, startups forget to stop, assess, and share the lessons they’ve learned. But when they do? It’s pure gold. And incredibly helpful guidance for other startups and entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs.

That’s why I’m really glad that Matt Hixson took a few minutes to share his insights on his startup. Read More

Meet the Startup: Delivering the story with brandlive

It seems that these days everyone is publishing video to the Web. But just because they can, doesn’t always mean that the should. And honestly, sometimes it’s just harder than it should be.

Enter brandlive, a company that help brands use live video to engage with customers in a natural and meaningful way. Simply. And easily. Read More

REMINDER: Mobile Portland Demolicious, tonight

Whenever people ask me what events they should be attending, the first thing I mention is Mobile Portland. It’s easily the best tech event going, these days—with a great mix of mobile and startup types. Read More

Why you might want to fly solo: “Lifestyle Business” is not a dirty word (well, two)

A lot of startups follow the path of growing incredibly fast and hiring a lot of people and—hopefully—making a lot of money for a lot of people. More often than not, these are the types of companies that grab the Silicon Florist headlines. And at publications that actually matter.

But Portland is also home to a ton of successful entrepreneurs who have built amazing “lifestyle businesses.” And they don’t often get the attention they deserve. Read More

Portland is Virgin America’s next stop

When you’re in a startup in Portland, you tend to do a lot of traveling. Because you kind of have to. Especially during March. When it snows.

And what better airline to travel than one that provides inflight wifi on every flight? Well, Virgin America is just such an airline. And they’re adding Portland to their routes. Read More

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