Month: November 2012

REMINDER: Mobile Portland heads to Ziba for a chat with Amazon about the Appstore

Sorry for the tardy reminder, but I wanted to make sure that you were aware that Mobile Portland will be held tonight. Also of note, instead of Urban Airship hosting, Ziba will be providing the venue, this time. Read More

Finding that perfect holiday gift just got easier, thanks to Macy's and the new Meridian SDKs

While they might not be able to give you hints on what to get your friends and family, Macy’s and Portland based Meridian just made it a heck of lot easier to find your way around the store, itself. Read More

OpenHack: Actually surprised I'm getting to introduce this to Portland hackers

Usually, I’m a little late to the party. I mean, when I see folks talking about all of the cities on this latest hacking idea, I assume Portland is already participating. And when it’s an open hacking thing? I mean, c’mon. Portland is probably leading the charge, right? Heck, we probably even organized it. Read More

Carefully courting a startup cofounder? Cofounder curious? CoFoundersLab may be just what you need

If I had to pick the most popular question in the Portland startup scene, I’d pick “Where do I find more development talent?” But running a close second is “How do I find a cofounder?” And that’s why it’s really nice to see some folks attacking this problem head-on. Read More

Meet the Startup: Getting the full picture on Favery

Oopie. When I wrote up Favery yesterday, I totally spaced that they were the Meet the Startup interview this week. But let’s be honest, the founder of the company can tell the story far better than I can. So let’s sit down with Anne Nichols, CEO of Favery, to get to full story. Read More

Newly elected Portland mayor Charlie Hales on the Portland startup scene

There’s a new mayor in town. And while you may not have had the opportunity to meet him during the campaign, it seems now would be a very opportune time for getting to know Charlie Hales and his views on Portland’s startup scene. And a good day for a Meet the Startup rerun. Read More

Favery makes pinning more productive

Yes, I’m on Pinterest. Yes, I’m comfortable with that. I do it for research and stuff. Or something. And as part of that research, I notice some interesting trends and behaviors. I mean, besides tons of awesome Star Wars stuff.

Allow me to explain. Read More

Are you going to go Tiny or go Riot? The future of your Portland startup awaits, this weekend

As we edge ever closer to Global Entrepreneurship Week, any number of local events are helping would be startups find their footing here in town. This weekend, you have the option of choosing to bootstrap or not to bootstrap. Read More

Your startup is looking a bit slow there, tiger. Why not try a little SXSW Accelerator?

You’re driven. You’re an entrepreneur. You’re hustling. But you’d still feel like you could be moving faster, don’t you? Well, you’re in luck, my friend. There’s still time to throw your startup into the mix for the SXSW Accelerator, an opportunity to get your startup in front of a who’s who of judges—and all of the folks at SXSW Interactive. Read More

Typical hackathons a little too social for your blood? Embrace being an introvert and Hackalone

Maybe it’s the growing popularity of books like Quiet. Or maybe it’s just the over socialization of our online lives. But sometimes, it seems that even the geekiest of hackathons can get a little too, well, social. What if you just want to fly solo? Introducing Hackalone. Read More

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