Month: April 2023

Free community coworking at UpStart Collective

Often the easiest way to get connected to community isn’t paying to hear someone talk about it. Rather, It’s as simple and straightforward as taking the opportunity to engage in the community, firsthand. That’s why UpStart Collective is offering Portland startup founders the opportunity to cowork out of their space on Thursday, May 4, 2023 — for free.

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Portland Business Alliance gathers expert panel to discuss “The State of Portland’s Start-up Scene”

Portland’s largest chamber of commerce, the Portland Business Alliance, is gathering a panel to speak during a breakfast forum that will focus on perspectives and insights on the Portland startup community for its members.

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If your future ChatGPT or AI response has atrocious grammar and bad puns, blame me

The Washington Post recently posted a story about sites that have been used to train ChatGPT and other AI language models for chatbots. Included in the post is the ability to look up your site to see if it’s been used. And I’m sorry to report, that Silicon Florist has. You’re welcome…?

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Has the economic downturn killed the Silicon Florist job board, again?

For context, let me give you a brief history of the Silicon Florist job board: In 2007, there wasn’t one. Then people kept asking for one so I launched a janky ass one. It was free. People used it for a bit. Then it died off. So I killed it. Then people started asking for it again. So I started another janky ass one. Then folks were using it. A lot. So I invested in a better-than-free solution. Then a way-more-expensive-than-free solution. And for the past decade or so, things have been going just fine. The job board broke even, with the paid postings covering the costs of the platform. Every week the newsletter featured a number of interesting jobs. Feedback was amazing. Candidates were happy. Employers were psyched. And all was well in the Silicon Florist corner of the Internet.

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Rogue Women celebrates women in startups and venture

While startups and venture are still largely homogenous, there are people doing the work and strides being made in the diversification of both sides of that table. And venture fund Rogue Women is taking the opportunity to celebrate that — and the people making that happen — with its Women in Start-ups and Venture – A Celebration and Discussion event.

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