Month: September 2011

Bye bye to Beer and Blog founder, Justin Kistner

And so it goes. Times change. People move on. Beer and Blog is no different. And now, Justin Kistner—the founder of that seminal happy hour for Portland’s tech scene—is relocating to San Francisco. That’s right. I said “seminal.”

Given what a great contribution the weekly gathering has been to our tech scene, it only makes sense that Portland provides him with a little going away party—at Beer and Blog. Read More

PDX Pipeline app: A handful of entertainment… err a pocketful of fun… um well it’s an app packed with tons of local events

One of the best blogs in town for entertainment and events is, without a doubt, PDX Pipeline. I’ve no idea how they do it, but they know every single thing going on in town. Every single weekend. They’re like party savants.

But sometimes, a web site is simply too inaccessible. That’s why PDX Pipeline is now sharing all of their event and entertainment insights with a new mobile app. Read More

Bambook? More bamboo for you with Grove MacBook backs

Our favorite protector of Apple products, Portland’s Grove, has no moved from the world of iPhones and iPads to protect laptops as well.

Now you can protect your MacBook Air and MacBook Pro from dings and scratches while sporting a custom cutout. And it’s all rendered in beautiful hand-tooled bamboo. Read More

Meet the Startup: Learning a little bit about DailyPath

So many of you are busy. Really busy. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to learn new things. Right? I mean, right? Of course. We all do. But how do you wedge that into your schedule?

Well, that’s why there’s DailyPath. DailyPath takes learning and breaks it into small incremental steps that allow you to do something every day that gets you closer to learning something new and meaningful. Read More

Is your customer feedback sweet or stinging? Find out with Hively

While no one really wants to have busy customer support teams—it would be better if all of our products and services worked flawlessly—we all have them. And given that we have them, getting them to be the most productive and effective group should be top of mind. They are the face of the company, after all.

That’s why there’s Hively. So that you can get immediate feedback on how they’re doing and what they could be doing better. Read More

Interested in helping PDX11 build its mentor matching system?

If you’re a coding type or a mentoring type, your weekend may have just gotten a little busier. Especially if you’re interested in helping PDX11 build out their “mentor matching software,” a system for connecting would-be mentors with those folks who could use mentorship.

How can you get involved? Join the PDX11 crew this Saturday at Collective Agency for a code sprint. Read More

Sneak peek: BankSimple gives you an inside look at what they’re building

While we were all excited to have BankSimple deciding to headquarter in Portland—and we’ve all been looking forward to “a bank that doesn’t suck”—many of us have been wondering about exactly what functionality BankSimple plans to release in their first iteration. Read More

Keep Portland weird (and smart): Attend the ROFLCon Summit for free

It’s always nice to see new conferences popping up in town. Especially conferences that bring such a random assortment of folks into one place.

And nothing could be more random than ROFLCon Summit—an offshoot of ROFLCon—being held in Portland on October 1. Read More

Like to show up early? LaunchSide will give you early access to all of the betas you can handle

One of the great things about technology is that practically anyone can build an application. One of the downsides of technology is… that practically anyone can build an application.

And that means there are a lot of interesting betas out there. A lot of amazing Web services to test drive. And a lot of early coolness passing you by the wayside. Read More

Meet the Startup: Getting more details from ARM Insight and CardPower

Sometimes, startups see two opportunities: one for a consumer market (B2C) and one for other businesses (B2B). That’s what happened with Portland startup ARM Insight. They’ve got a B2C play called CardPower and a white label B2B play through ARM Insight.

Dan Afrasiabi sat down with Meet the Startup to give us the story on how they’re powering the “daily deal” industry. Read More

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