Month: March 2023

REMINDER: Please Report Your Bug Here at Powell’s

It’s a little-known fact, but Portland had a very small role in the very very earliest days of Instagram — well, probably more accurately Burbn. The first employee of Instagram, Josh Riedel, a Reed alum was in Portland as the app started to take hold and build momentum. And then that all happened and he was headed back to the Bay Area to be part of an amazing startup story.

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New startup founder or startup founder new to the Portland area? We’ve got your welcome to the Portland startup community

Whether you’ve been in Portland for a while but are new to startups or have been in startups for a while but are new to Portland or maybe you’re new to startups and Portland…. Whatever the case, we want to get you connected to the wealth of resources available to support you and the Portland startup community. And now, there’s a welcome wagon event designed to do just that.

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Spring cleaning: Contribute to the open source Portland startup community resource cheat sheet

No single one of us is as smart as a bunch of us. That was my thinking when I originally threw together this cheat sheet on Github to help document resources in the Portland startup community. The idea was that it would make it easier for folks to understand what was happening in Portland, what organizations supported startup activity, and potentially serve as a way to finally capture and quantify the actual startup activity around these parts — that allowed everyone to contribute.

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Portland startup support nonprofit Xcelerate Women is hiring a new executive director

We’ve seen a lot of leadership changes in local nonprofits that interact with the startup community. Business for a Better Portland, OEN, TiE Oregon, and others have all had fairly recent shifts at the top. And now Xcelerate Women is joining the list as they seek new leadership.

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Working on a Portland-based software startup with a BIPOC founder? PIE wants to help

It’s that time of year again. PIE applications are open. And this class, the nearly 15-year-old, early-stage startup accelerator is focused specifically on Portland-based startups that have at least one BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or other Person of Color) founder. Applications are due March 14, 2023. But don’t stress. There’s still plenty of time to apply. Because applications are pretty straightforward.

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Black History Month 2023 recap: A month of incredible Black businesses

It’s become a tradition. Stephen Green and Built Oregon share images and stories of Black founders, daily, throughout the month of February in celebration of Black History Month. And then I come along and try to capture all of that content in one place so that you have it in an easy to access format — all year long. They’ve done their part. Now, it’s all on me. That’s how the tradition goes.

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