Month: January 2016

Decisions, decisions: One Portland Startup Week event. That's all we ask.

I get it. First off, you’re super busy. Working on your startup. Building stuff. You’re heads down. You don’t have time to be lollygagging around all week, attending events. And even if you were thinking about attending Portland Startup Week, with more than 70 events from which to choose, it’s a bit daunting. Read More

Don't let your Slack worthy accomplishments vanish into the ether. Squash them.

If you’re like me, you’re spending more and more time in Slack. Like, it’s becoming your dashboard for all activity. So the more you can pipe in or accomplish within the chrome of Slack, the happier you are. Which is why I’m really happy to see folks mucking with functionality that improves the Slack experience. Like Portland developer Aaron Parecki‘s Squash Reports. Read More

Portland's reinvestment of executive knowledge gains more momentum: Cedexis, Lytics, Rigado, and Vadio all tap experienced executives

Remember a few weeks ago when I was waxing philosophic about Bill Lynch joining Cloudability? And how maybe, just maybe, I had hoped that it was an indicator of things to come? Well, what could very well have been a one-off occurrence has been happening with more regularity in the past few weeks. With a number of local startups recruiting experienced executive talent—who bring with them their knowledge of how to grow successful Portland companies. Read More

Effecting change entrepreneurially: PSU Elevating Impact Summit

For many startups, “changing the world” has very little to do with “getting rich quick.” But those messages are often lost in our unicorn chasing startup existence. That’s why it’s great to see events like the PSU Elevating Impact Summit highlighting those founders who are using their entrepreneurial drive to champion efforts with social impact. Read More

Civics as startup: Local startup founders form Portland Independent Chamber of Commerce

I don’t think I’m going to risk blowing anyone’s mind with the following statement: a number of our existing models for civic engagement are in dire need of a refresh. I know. Shocking. But it’s rare for startup minded types to spend time and energy on that sort of thing. Unless you’re in Portland. Read More

Get your schedule on: Portland Startup Week 2016 releases preliminary schedule

I know. I know. I realize that most of you won’t make decisions about what Portland Startup Week events you’ll be attending until week of—some of you, day of. But just in case you want to do some preplanning, the preliminary Portland Startup Week schedule is available for your planning pleasure. Read More

One good Week deserves another: If you like Portland Startup Week, you'll love Design Week Portland

Portland’s Weeks are starting to become almost as prevalent as Portland’s Camps used to be. And that’s a good thing. Let’s take a second to step away from the most immediate Week—Portland Startup Week—to talk about another awesome upcoming Week that will be valuable to startups, Design Week Portland. Read More

Oregon startups are more than just soft(ware): 5 "hard" technology Oregon startups to watch in 2016

Editor’s Note: At the end of last year, I published a post on Portland startups I’d be watching in 2016. Like many list posts, people wondered why they weren’t on it. It happens. I can’t list everyone. But even more importantly, I don’t know about everything. So when folks asked for more physical world sort of startups, I asked my friends at ONAMI to create a list. And they have obliged. Read More

Want to get startuppy for the State of Oregon? Entrepreneurship Strategist could be the job for you

The State of Oregon has been putting more and more time and energy into assisting our entrepreneurs and startups through Business Oregon. But you and I both know that there’s a ton going on. And if you don’t know that, trust me. There’s a lot going on. I mean a lot. So what’s Oregon to do? Staff up. Read More

Comments on Willamette Week are about to get a lot more Civil

Comments. I know, right? I just saw you grimace. On many sites, they’ve lost their value. Once a means of carrying on a continuing conversation, many comment sections have become a putrid wasteland of bile, a constant reminder of everything we hate about the Internet. But Portland startup Civil is working to change that. And now Portland’s popular alt weekly Willamette Week is giving them a platform to do that. Read More