Month: June 2023

Applications for Bend Venture Conference are now open

Over the past two decades, Bend Venture Conference has quietly grown into one of the largest early stage startup pitch competitions in the Pacific Northwest, drawing Angels and Venture Capital investors from all over to hang out in Central Oregon for a few days to hear from a variety of startups. And if you’re one of those startups, your opportunity to take that stage in front of those investors is here. Bend Venture Conference 2023 applications are now open.

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FasterBetter comes out of stealth as Sixty AI with $3.5 million Seed

It’s been no secret that Mat Ellis — the founder of Portland startup success story Cloudability — was hard at work on something new. And those closest to the project knew that it was going to be something that used Artificial Intelligence to help people become more effective with time and contact management. But no one outside of the startup team really knew what it was eventually going to be until today. Meet Sixty AI.

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Momentum releases new planning area feature

Portland productivity tool Momentum started in the physical world of day planners, but made the leap to a digital version of their product during the pandemic. Since then, they’ve been rolling out a number of compelling features that make their product even more effective. The latest? Momentum’s Planning Area feature.

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Looking to explore non-alcoholic options at some of your favorite bars and restaurants? BuzzCutt is here to help

Continuing along my theme of “everything old is new again,” I’ve stumbled upon another interesting product that is reminiscent of a product from the last generation of Portland startups. (I know, I know. You’re starting to regret that I’ve been doing this for this long.) The previous product was Unthirsty — an early player in mapping apps — which was designed to help you find happy hours and other discounts at your favorite bars. Now, we have BuzzCutt, which works in a similar way by helping you find your way to interesting bars and establishments. But this time, it’s for finding non-alcoholic options.

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FOSSY 2023: Portland hosts a major open source conference again

Coming out of the last downturn, OSCON was a regular fixture in Portland. Leading many to consider Portland — plus its locals like Linus Torvalds and Ward Cunningham — as a bastion of the open-source community. It’s been noticeably quiet over the last few years on that front. So it’s really nice to see the Free and Open Source Software Yearly (FOSSY) conference selecting Portland for its 2023 event.

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Curious about Techstars? Learn how these Techstars alums got selected

For many startup founders, a startup accelerator can provide the support and insights they need to take their startups to the next level. But first, you have to get in. And the competition to do so is fierce. So if you’re considering applying to take part in one of the Techstars startup accelerator programs, you owe it to yourself to learn as much as you can about what that takes. That’s why the Startup Your Startup Meetup group is hosting, “How I Got Into Techstars, What Worked, What Didn’t.”

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