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Oregon Entrepreneurs Network opens nominations for OEN Awards 2021

It’s that time of year again. Time to nominate your favorite startup folks for the OEN Awards. And this time, it’s even more special. Because it’s the 30th anniversary of OEN supporting entrepreneurs throughout Oregon.

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Provenance Chain™ Network launches

What if you could use the power of a decentralized ledger like blockchain to provide more transparency in supply chains and products? That’s the idea behind Portland’s Provenance Chain™ Network, which officially launched, this week.

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PIE Demo Day 2021: And the startups were…

On Monday, June 28, 2021, 14 startups took to the stage to share stories about the companies they’re building as part of PIE Demo Day 2021. Like any other demo day. But unlike most PIE Demo Days, this one was once again a completely virtual experience.

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Heatwave high jinks: Hot enough to fry an egg… and bake a pie

You’ve heard it a million times. “It’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.” But is it? Is it really? Well, long time Portland startup community member Troy Howard took the opportunity to find out during the spate of record setting heat at the beginning of the week. And he captured his experiment on Twitter. Which included an egg, water, and a pie.

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As regulations around investing in startups continue to be refined, the ability to raise equity based financing from the crowd — or Reg CF for shorthand — has become a new opportunity for startups to find the funding they’re seeking by tapping both accredited and unaccredited investors, legally. Today, Portland’s tested the Reg CF waters and it looks like that water is just fine. They’re currently more than 7000% over their target and are closing in on $2 million raised on a SAFE.

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Acquired Portland startup Cozy is being shuttered

Cozy was one of those memorable Portland startups. Not only for the solutions it brought to market. But also for its presence in the Portland startup community. Like Puppet, and Simple before it, Cozy was one of those startups that had been founded somewhere else, landed high profile investors, and then chose Portland as their headquarters.

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Interested in attending PIE Demo Day 2021? Here’s what you need to know

Next week, Portland startup accelerator PIE will hold its 2021 demo day. This marks the seventh time that PIE has hosted the event and the second time it will be fully virtual. This time around, the event is designed to showcase companies who have participated in its full PIE and PIE Shop programs, as well as its light touch program, Slice of PIE.

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New to Portland? Looking to reconnect with folks? Portland Lunch 2.0 can help

Portland has never been terribly good at networking events. It’s just the way things are. But with the influx of folks who have arrived in town during the pandemic and the community members who are looking to re-engage with the startup community as the pandemic subsides, it seems like we should at least try to provide more opportunities for random collisions to happen. That’s why we’re working to reboot Portland Lunch 2.0.

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Need more startup pitches? Invent Oregon Finals 2021 are June 25, 2021

While startup pitch competitions differ slightly from demo days, they still have a lot of the same vibe. Cool concepts, compelling founders, creative solutions. And when it comes to an event like Invent Oregon, there’s one other compelling facet: these Oregon college students will make you question what you were doing at their age — or at your current age, for that matter.

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Need some additional help? TYE has interns ready to assist

Internship can often be an overlooked opportunity for startups. But few things are as win-win as working with interns. Founders and leadership get experience managing people and teams — as well as getting needed insights about their startups. And the interns get the real life experience they need as they explore potential career options.

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